Monday, 20 March 2017

Let's start a proper AIF domain!

We all know this community is dying, slowly but surely. I don't want this to happen. I want to setup a new domain where we would have all the links to the previous AIF games and with a proper forum where people could add new projects and discuss games, etc. The Yahoo group is a joke and an embarrassment to what all authors have created. I want something better. I will pay for all of this.

However, I do need someone willing to build the website (in Wordpress using cPanel or whatever you want) and updating and maintaing it, simply because I do not have the time to do so. If you are willing to do this, please comment below.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

New Game - Joe White and the Seven Dames

I have finished my latest work, a TADS 3 game called Joe White and the Seven Dames. Thought it may still have some minor bugs in it I am satisfied with the product and ready to release it (after several rounds of play testing with the very capable A. Bomire)

It can be found here -

If you like the game, or have feedback about it, please contact me at brokeknightx (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Feedback is the best indication that the time and energy is worth something!

Thanks in advance, and I hope you Enjoy it -
Broken Knight

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Pervert Action: Legacy released!

 After more than two years of work, I’m proud to publicly release Pervert Action: Legacy. 

As master of a mansion in a remote valley, it is Kenji's job to train up his "battle maids" in housework, combat and the arts of love...

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

January Open Thread: Game Plans for 2017

This was the open thread I started off 2016 with, and it seems like a good open thread to have at the beginning of a year.

Authors/potential authors: What are your game plans for 2016? What projects are you working on? What ideas do you have that you would like to do? If your an author who has been around since last year, what progress/changes have you made?

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Open Thread: Presents and Affection

An observation/criticism that gets thrown at games, not just AIFs but mainstream games as well, is that relationships are improved by giving characters a lot of presents. It amounts to buy stuff, give stuff, earn love.

So in the spirit of the present giving season: what system works best for earning affection? what can be improved? what difficulties might an author have to worry about? any games that have done this particularly well?

This thread is only talking about games that have some type of affection system (in AIF that would be any stat that you need to build up to improve the relationship and likely get to sex). Some games skip this, either the characters are into each other from the get go or some other approach is used, but we're not comparing the different models, I'm asking if there is an affection model and the player needs to improve their relationship, what works best?

To narrow it down I think AIFs in this category have primarily used two models (not talking about quality here, just category):

Get one thing and have sex: This can amount to, 'You found my jacket hidden in the closet, let's have sex' to 'You know I'd love to have sex with you, but I have to find my laptop first or my boss is going to kill me'.

On the mainstream game front: Skyrim has something similar. If you have a certain necklace than characters are willing to marry you. Some characters may need one thing done first, but at most it amount to an action and an item.

Get multiple things to improve relationship, then have sex: This can either be the continual giving of gifts or, as the Pervert Action series does, interactions/conversations.  Characters may have preferences for certain types of presents/behaviors.

I've never played it, but I hear that the Fable series uses something like this.

Friday, 23 December 2016

A festive season hello

A quick hello for the festive season.  Many thanks for the interest in my first AIF game this year - I am well advanced in adding pictures to it, but I do get side-tracked from time to time,  Daz is like that.  Will be more focused in the New Year!

Anyway - a few pix for Christmas are up on my blog at  Becky and Jo get presents.


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Looking for beta testers

It's probably safe to post this request here considering the kind of crowd that seems to frequent this blog.

I'm looking for beta testers for my latest game, Pervert Action: Legacy. I'm looking for real testers in this case - the game is long and complex, and I'll need you to report on things you find. If you've tested before for me or other authors then that's great! I'd love to hear from you. If you just want to play the game early then don't bother, the game will be out soon anyway, and it'll be bug free. I'd really appreciate the help of thorough testers so if that's you, then please contact me at:

bb ben D O T aif A T g mail D O T com

(Remove the spaces, replace DOT and AT with . and @ to foil spam bots.)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Halloween Open Thread: Clothing

In the spirit of Halloween and costumes, I thought I'd start the open threads again with a topic on clothing in AIF. Some AIFs have characters disrobe completely at the start of a sex scene, while others see characters go through multiple stages and combinations (the best example I can think of that I have seen would be a rub butt/pussy command that gave different responses based on: dress on/panties on, dress on/panties off, dress off/panties on, dress off/panties off; and then the above would be done for the top as well with shirt/bra).

So the thread is: how much does a more "complex" clothing system add to AIF? Does having multiple options about how a character is disrobed add to the game, or is it fluff that probably takes a lot of author time and is unnecessary?

And a final question: do costumes in AIF work? Does describing a character as 'dressed as a cheerleader' make the sex scene hotter? I'm not talking about AIF with pictures here, just the actual descriptions. How well can the sexiness of certain outfits be communicated by just text?

Monday, 10 October 2016

Introducing Dracis

I'm a long term lurker who played a number of AIF games but found them too hard, but years after playing a number of games still remember SS Whore, Community Policing and Cat Burglar. The latter due to not being able to get inside the house!!!!

In Feb 2014 I started playing around with Daz3D after years of seeing rendered images on Renderotica and in a number of games. After seeing that Daz was ‘free’ I downloaded it and gave it a go. In Dec 2014 I started with Reality and the Luxrender software and started a DeviantArt gallery. Then came a number of Twine game attempts with the best one being started in May 2015. Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair then lauched onto Patreon in Aug 2016.

It is currently over 200k words long and has 270 odd 3D renders. Sci-Fi based theme, female protagonist with a number of adult themes: BDSM, non-consensual, humiliation and a general corruption mechanic based on a little of mind control.

In the author's opinion this game is a good example of what can be done with Twine easily (no coding experience). The main goal is to create a good game which is well received (bit of personal pride) and totally free. Game can be found on (play online) or downloaded from!xVVUSBDZ!ZaeOxekvPJCSXky9LZQ-JiIyuNYYrMI_o0FS2Lmex1o (70Mb – due to images).

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Introduction and blog plug!

Hey all, this is Seattleman. I'm a relatively new author with only a couple small games under my belt. But, I have plans for more!  I'd like to plug my blog where you can read a bit more about what I've got in development -

Thanks for reading!