Friday, 8 April 2016

AIF Writing Salon and Minifest: Official Announcement

Interested in writing some adult interactive fiction but can't quite get your motivation up? Are you too distracted and never in the right mood? Do you need some motivation enhancement? Then you need the AIF Writing Salon and Minifest. During the months of May, June, and July, there will be weekly writing events held here on AIF Central. Drop by to get feedback about your ideas and writing. Ask others for programming help. Check out how other authors put together their works. Then, at the end of July, we'll gather any games that you've completed, and we'll hold a mini festival online where everyone can come and play them.

The weekly Writing Salon events will cover topics that will help new authors create a simple interactive sex scene though experienced authors are welcome to join in too. The motto of the Writing Salon will be "a cock in the hand is worth two in the bush": the idea being that it's better to complete a simple, basic game that can be fleshed out later than to have an ambitious game that is unplayable. Details of the weekly events are below.

Each week, I'll create a new blog post about an AIF topic on AIF Central. If you have something you want to share, just post it as a comment to the blog post. Be careful to use a separate account for posting and not an account you use IRL. Anonymous comments are welcome, but it would be useful to tag your comments somehow so we know which comments are from whom. AIF Central sometimes has difficulties dealing with longer comments. You can break up your posts into multiple comments, or sign-up to become a blogger on AIF Central and make a new blog post with your content.

The posts for each week are shown below if you want to see what's coming up. If you want to zip ahead, or move at a slower pace, or even do something else entirely, go right ahead. These events are meant to motivate you to write, not to hold you back.

May 1-7 - Pitch your story ideas

Have an idea for an erotic adventure? Have a steamy sex scene that you want to write down? Have you ever wanted to 'ship your favorite fictional characters? Pitch your ideas and get feedback from others. We'll spend time talking about how to flesh out concepts and simplify ideas.

The biggest problem faced by new authors is that they work on ideas that are too ambitious. They decide to write a novel when they should start with a short story. Another problem new authors face is that seemingly innocuous details of a story idea might require thousands of words of writing and code. The work needed to implement a minor character or alternate path can easily grow out of control.

By sharing your ideas with others early, we can help you simplify your ideas. Often, you can keep the core characters, emotions, and sexiness of your story but with fewer characters, rooms, and plot points. We can also offer suggestions about what order you should implement things in. With AIF, it's important to have something playable as early as possible. It makes it easier to see how it works, and it gives you a base from which you can build out something bigger. We can make suggestions about which scene might be best to start with.

May 8-14 - Choose an engine

If you want to program interactive sex, you need a story engine to run in. Discuss your choices or come get advice about your options. Choose one, install it, and start it up.

For beginner authors, I highly recommend that you choose Twine. Specifically, I recommend Twine 2 with the SugarCube story format. When choosing a story engine, the most important thing is to choose one that has been used in other games. The more people who use a story engine, the better it becomes. There are also more people available who can help you. Twine is the most heavily used story engine available now. To be honest, Twine isn't very well-designed. It's very simple though, and over the years, the community has improved it to the point that it has become very usable. Unfortunately, the main designers of Twine created a new version called Twine 2 that discarded all the improvements made by the community. Twine 2 is easier to use but is missing many of the features from Twine 1 that are needed to make interesting games. The SugarCube story format brings many of these Twine 1 features to Twine 2, and it's mostly compatible with tutorials for Twine 1.

May 15-21 - Introductions

Every AIF game needs a sex scene. In order to keep the scope of the writing manageable, we're going to concentrate on writing a game with only one sex scene first. Later, more chapters can be added on to create a longer work. Choose one sex scene from your game and write an introduction that summarizes everything in your story leading up to that sex scene. Post these teasers to get feedback and to generate excitement about your full game.

Although it is painful to replace the amazing plot points and puzzles that you had in your mind with a simple introductory summary, doing so can often improve your game. Starting in media res, right in the thick of the action, can really improve the pacing of your plot. One of the most common writing tricks used in romance novels is to start with the protagonist and her love interest already be in love. A story about how two people get together is much more difficult to write and can be tedious to read.

May 22-28 - Program that introduction

Cut & paste that introduction into your game. When you start your game, that introduction should appear, drawing players into the story.

If you want other people to try out what you've programmed so far, upload it somewhere and post the Internet address in the comments. I believe that DropBox and Neocities are okay with people sharing adult content on their sites.

May 29-June 4 - Room descriptions

When your game starts, the player needs to know where he or she is. Establish the setting. Write a paragraph describing where the sex scene takes place. Is it an empty room, or do you want to have interactive objects in the room too? Post your descriptions for everyone to read.

Since traditional interactive fiction is built around moving between different rooms and interacting with objects in them, interactive fiction often has a strong sense of place. By focusing heavily on where you are and by forcing you to examine and interact with things, traditional interactive fiction immerses you in a world. Twine uses a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure model of the world, so Twine stories tend to emphasize plot more.

Although rich room descriptions with many interactive objects can help with immersion, don't feel obligated to spend too much time there. AIF stories are unusual in that they focus mostly on character. The setting isn't too important, so many AIF games provide only brief descriptions of your surroundings. What is important though is that you describe any exits that are available and any characters or objects that can be interacted with. One side-effect of this is that room descriptions sometimes read like dry lists of stuff, which is fine.

To help get you in the right mindset, I have grabbed a random assortment of room descriptions from some public domain novels. These descriptions read like traditional interactive fiction room descriptions, so you try to adapt them to your needs.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Charles Dickens
In the midst of Cloisterham stands the Nuns’ House: a venerable brick edifice, whose present appellation is doubtless derived from the legend of its conventual uses.  On the trim gate enclosing its old courtyard is a resplendent brass plate flashing forth the legend: ‘Seminary for Young Ladies.  Miss Twinkleton.’  The house-front is so old and worn, and the brass plate is so shining and staring, that the general result has reminded imaginative strangers of a battered old beau with a large modern eye-glass stuck in his blind eye.

Bram Stoker
There are certainly odd deficiencies in the house, considering the extraordinary evidences of wealth which are round me. The table service is of gold, and so beautifully wrought that it must be of immense value. The curtains and upholstery of the chairs and sofas and the hangings of my bed are of the costliest and most beautiful fabrics, and must have been of fabulous value when they were made, for they are centuries old, though in excellent order. I saw something like them in Hampton Court, but there they were worn and frayed and moth-eaten. But still in none of the rooms is there a mirror. There is not even a toilet glass on my table, and I had to get the little shaving glass from my bag before I could either shave or brush my hair. I have not yet seen a servant anywhere, or heard a sound near the castle except the howling of wolves. Some time after I had finished my meal—I do not know whether to call it breakfast or dinner, for it was between five and six o’clock when I had it—I looked about for something to read, for I did not like to go about the castle until I had asked the Count’s permission. There was absolutely nothing in the room, book, newspaper, or even writing materials; so I opened another door in the room and found a sort of library. The door opposite mine I tried, but found it locked.

In the library I found, to my great delight, a vast number of English books, whole shelves full of them, and bound volumes of magazines and newspapers. A table in the centre was littered with English magazines and newspapers, though none of them were of very recent date. The books were of the most varied kind—history, geography, politics, political economy, botany, geology, law—all relating to England and English life and customs and manners. There were even such books of reference as the London Directory, the “Red” and “Blue” books, Whitaker’s Almanac, the Army and Navy Lists, and—it somehow gladdened my heart to see it—the Law List.

Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte
The red-room was a square chamber, very seldom slept in, I might say never, indeed, unless when a chance influx of visitors at Gateshead Hall rendered it necessary to turn to account all the accommodation it contained: yet it was one of the largest and stateliest chambers in the mansion.  A bed supported on massive pillars of mahogany, hung with curtains of deep red damask, stood out like a tabernacle in the centre; the two large windows, with their blinds always drawn down, were half shrouded in festoons and falls of similar drapery; the carpet was red; the table at the foot of the bed was covered with a crimson cloth; the walls were a soft fawn colour with a blush of pink in it; the wardrobe, the toilet-table, the chairs were of darkly polished old mahogany.  Out of these deep surrounding shades rose high, and glared white, the piled-up mattresses and pillows of the bed, spread with a snowy Marseilles counterpane.  Scarcely less prominent was an ample cushioned easy-chair near the head of the bed, also white, with a footstool before it; and looking, as I thought, like a pale throne.

June 5-11 - Program the room description

Add the room description to your game so that players can look around.

If you are using Twine, you can emulate the feel of traditional interactive fiction. Create a different passage for each room. When you click on objects, instead of using the normal Twine links, use the <<popup>> macro by Claretta. You only need the javascript code and not the provided css code. If you want the popups to automatically close when you click on links, create a passage called "PassageReady" with the following contents: <<set UISystem.close()>>

June 12-18 - Character description

Write descriptions for the player and partner. What do they look like? What are they wearing? What do they look like naked? Post your descriptions and try to entice us with your characters.

To help get your mind in the mood for writing, I'm including two public domain excerpts from Fanny Hill. Adapt them to your needs.

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (Fanny Hill)
(description of a woman)
John Cleland
my shape perfectly straight, thin waisted, and light and free without owing anything to stays; my hair was a glossy auburn, and as soft as silk, flowing down my neck in natural curls, and did not a little to set off the whiteness of a smooth skin; my face was rather too ruddy, though its features were delicate, and the shape was a roundish oval, except where a pit on my chin had far from a disagreeable effect; my eyes were as black as can be imagined, and rather languishing than sparkling, except on certain occasions, when I have been told they struck fire fast enough; my teeth, which I ever carefully preserved, were small, even and white; my bosom was finely raised, and one might then discern rather the promise than the actual growth of the round, firm breast, that in a little time made that promise good.

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (Fanny Hill)
(description of a man)
John Cleland
The young gentleman, by Phoebe's guess, was about two and twenty; tall and well limbed. His body was finely formed, and of a most vigorous make, square shouldered, and broad chested: his face was not remarkable any way, but for a nose inclining to the Roman, eyes large, black, and sparkling, and a ruddiness in his cheeks that was the more a grace; for his complexion was of the brownest, not of that dusky dun colour which excludes, the idea of freshness, but of that clear, olive gloss, which glowing with life, dazzles perhaps less than fairness, and yet pleases more, when it pleases at all. His hair being too short to tie fell no lower than his neck, in short easy curls; and he had a few sprigs about his paps, that garnished his chest in a style of strength and manliness. Then his grand movement, which seemed to rise out of a thicket of curling hair, that spread from the root all over his thighs and belly up to the navel, stood stiff and upright, but of a size to frighten me, by sympathy for the small tender part which was the object of its fury, and which now lay exposed to my fairest view

June 19-25 - Program the character descriptions

Add character descriptions to your game so that your characters can be looked at. Many beginner authors have "simulationist tendencies." They feel that they need to simulate the real world. Every body part needs to be examinable. Each piece of clothing can be individually removed. This is very difficult and time-consuming to do. It can also be tedious to write and tedious to read. It can get boring coming up with an interesting description of a woman's breasts and vagina all the time.

Avoid making a clothing system for your game unless you actually have a lot of extra time. Unless there's a narrative reason that individual body parts need to be examinable, make your life easier and don't include it.

June 26-July 2 - Sex transcript

Write a sample playthrough of your sex scene. List the commands that a player will do and write the responses that will happen. Think about alternate commands that the player might try. Here is a sample transcript:

> kiss her
You kiss her.

> Lick breasts
You gently lick her nipple.

> Have sex
You have sex with her. You cuddle with her afterwards and go to sleep.

The End.

It shows different commands that you can try and the expected responses.

Writing sex scenes can be difficult. Surprisingly, writing sex scenes isn't taught in school, so most people don't have any practice with it. A good sex scene shouldn't just be a mechanical description of sex acts. Describe how it feels and the emotions involved. I am including numerous excerpts of some public domain sex scenes that you can pilfer and adapt for your own writing.

Fanny Hill
(female pov, heterosex)
John Cleland
I lay down then, and carrying my hands to that part of me in which the objects just seen had begun to raise a mutiny, that prevailed over the smart of them, my fingers now opened themselves an easy passage; but long I had not time to consider the wide difference there, between the maid and the now finished woman, before Charles waked, and turning towards me, kindly enquired how I had rested? and, scarce giving me time to answer, imprinted on my lips one of his burning rapture kisses, which darted a flame to my heart, that from thence radiated to every part of me; and presently, as if he had proudly meant revenge for the survey I had smuggled of all his naked beauties, he spurns off the bed clothes, and trussing up my shift as high as it would go, took his turn to feast his eyes on all the gifts nature had bestowed on my person; his busy hands, too, ranged intemperately over every part of me. The delicious austerity and hardness of my yet unripe budding breasts, the whiteness and firmness of my flesh, the freshness and regularity of my features, the harmony of my limbs, all seemed to confirm him in his satisfaction with his bargain; but when curious to explore the havock he had made in the centre of his over fierce attack, he not only directed his hands there, but with a pillow put under, placed me favourably for his wanton purpose of inspection. Then, who can express the fire his eyes glistened, his hands glowed with! whilst sighs of pleasure, and tender broken exclamations, were all the praises he could utter. By this time his machine, stiffly risen at me, gave me to see it in its highest state and bravery. He feels it himself, seems pleased at its condition, and, smiling loves and graces, seizes one of my hands, and carries it, with gentle compulsion, to this pride of nature, and its richest master piece.

I, struggling faintly, could not help feeling what I could not grasp, a column of the whitest ivory, beautifully streaked with blue veins, and carrying, fully un-capt, a head of the liveliest vermilion: no horn could be harder or stiffer; yet no velvet more smooth or delicious to the touch. Presently he guided my hand lower, to that part in which nature, and pleasure keep their stores in concert, so aptly fastened and hung on to the root of their first instrument and minister, that not improperly he might be styled their purse-bearer too: there he made me feel distinctly, through their soft cover, the contents, a pair of roundish balls, that seemed to play within, and elude all pressure, but the tenderest, from without.

But now this visit of my soft, warm hand, in those so sensible parts, had put every thing into such ungovernable fury, disdaining all further preluding, and taking advantage of my commodious posture, he made the storm fall where I scarce patiently expected, and where he was sure to lay it: presently, then, I felt the stiff intersection betwen the yielding, divided lips of the wound, now open for life; where the narrowness no longer put me to intolerable pain, and afforded my lover no more difficulty than what heightened his pleasure, in the strict embrace of that tender, warm sheath, round the instrument it was so delicately adjusted to, and which now cased home, so gorged me with pleasure, that it perfectly suffocated me and took away my breath; then the killing thrusts! the unnumbered kisses! every one of which was a joy inexpressible; and that joy lost in a crowd of yet greater blisses! But this was a disorder too violent in nature to last long: the vessels, so stirred and intensely heated, soon boiled over, and for that time put out the fire; meanwhile all this dalliance and disport had so far consumed the morning, that it became a kind of necessity to lay breakfast and dinner into one.

The Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival: The Belle of the Delaware
(female pov, heterosex)
Kate Percival
He was not content with the unveiled charms of the lower portion of my body, but he must needs release my large and plump breasts—and these afforded him a new theme on which to expatiate. He did not moralize long, but unbuttoning his pantaloons he released his stiff lance and, bringing it to bear between my widely stretched thighs, I soon felt it forcing its way into my sensitive vagina. I raised my buttocks to meet his thrusts and experienced the most delicious sensation. His motions grew quicker and the end approached. I wiggled my bottom from side to side. I gave utterance to my rapture in words, sighs and exclamations of pleasure and received his whole discharge at the same moment that I myself emitted. When he had finished he leaned over and kissed my breasts and assisted me to rise. We heard steps approaching the room and I hastily retired to my chamber.

The Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival: The Belle of the Delaware
Kate Percival
When I approached the arbor I heard the rustling of a dress inside, and instead of opening the door I peeped through the keyhole. Great God! I saw a sight which sent the blood boiling through my veins. Herbert Clarence was reclining on his back on a divan which he had drawn into the middle of the floor. His pantaloons were slipped down to his heels, leaving the whole of the lower portion of his body uncovered. Straddling him, with one foot resting on the ground and with the other on the divan was the beautiful Amy. Her dress was open in front, leaving her splendid breasts entirely bare. Her petticoats were elevated above her navel and thrown behind her white belly, her voluptuous thighs, her magnificent limbs, and above all that masterpiece of nature, her lovely Mons Veneris entirely exposed to my gaze, for she stood directly facing me. His instrument had penetrated the luscious lips of her slit. While I was watching he gave one tremendous heave upwards with his buttocks and sent it into her body clear up to his testicles. She was evidently gorged with delight and enraptured, for her lovely face expressed the most intense enjoyment, and by the quivering of her eyelids I felt assured the crisis would soon come. They now commenced to move together, he directing his thrusts upwards while she worked her bottom in reply to his motions. While this delicious play was going on, I could distinctly see his staff entering in and out of her coral sheath, the lips of which embraced it so tightly that they seemed to be afraid it should escape from them. It was the most voluptuous sight I had ever seen. As the acme approached, Amy leaned over and kissed Herbert—their tongues sought each other's mouths and they imitated the sexual act. So intense was their feeling of pleasure that they actually bit each other. The working of his lance in her sensitive vagina caused a suction sound delightful to hear.

The Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival: The Belle of the Delaware
(female pov, cunnilingus, heterosex)
Kate Percival
After a few moments repose he rose up, and leaning over me, seized one of my hands and felt my bubbies with his unoccupied hand. The contact renewed the fire in his body and his eyes reassumed their brilliance. When I felt his hand descend on my breast, I shivered and made a pretense of snatching it away, but it was in vain. He cautiously unhooked my dress; I no longer restrained him. My frock fell off my shoulders and my naked bust was entirely exposed to his view. He passed from one to the other of my ivory globes, as he called them, and molded them with his hands, playing with the nipples and applying his lips to them so that he almost sucked my life away. But he was not yet satisfied. He knelt down before me and, placing his head between my bubbies, began to play with my feet. I made but little resistance and he began to raise my petticoats. He touched my legs, he reached my knees, and at last his hand came in contact with my fleshy thighs. He rested here a moment and excited me by kisses. I trembled in his grasp like a leaf—my desires overcame me and I was completely in his power. He then became more bold and his agitated hand ascended the marble columns which would lead us to the center of love. At last he reached my bijou and ran his fingers in the down covering that mossy spot—he even forced one more bold than the rest between the lips, and gently rubbed my clitoris. It was too much for me, I opened my thighs to the widest capacity and absolutely cried with pleasure. He then raised his head from my palpitating bosom, and applied his lips where he had just put his hand. He kissed my Mons Veneris a thousand times, and inserted his tongue between the folding lips; he again sought out my clitoris and played with it at will. But this could not continue long. I was absolutely drunk with delirious joy.

"'Oh, what pleasure!' I cried, 'do what you will with me, my dear Herbert.'

"His only reply was to divest himself of his clothes; he then performed the same office for me, and we were both naked as we were born. He turned me round and round—he patted my buttocks and caressed my body all over. My hands too were not idle. I seized his magnificent instrument and gently rubbed it and tickled his purse. We were both almost crazy. He then reclined me on my back on the sofa and threw himself on the top of me. I eagerly opened my thighs to receive him and guided his fiery dart to the entrance of my 'con.' He entered the lips and met a little resistance, but was not to be conquered, for raising my buttocks I gave a sudden heave upwards, and his instrument was suddenly imbedded in the sheath destined by nature to receive it. Then commenced the delicious movements. The motion was delightful. I looked around me and saw our naked bodies reflected in the mirrors. I could see his instrument entering in and out of my coral sheath. At last the consummation came.

"'Oh, Herbert,' I cried—'I die! I die!-clos-er!—closer—clo—'

"Thus muttering, I closed my eyes. My eyelids trembled and with a convulsive movement I threw my legs around his loins and pressed him so tightly that I almost took away his breath. All was over, for I felt the essence of love rush into my thirsty womb, while I at the same moment poured down my share of Venus' libations. My hold relaxed and we both fell all our lengths on the couch.

"After remaining without motion a few minutes, he kissed me again, for he was not yet satisfied. He soon rekindled my desires.

"He rose from the couch, and raising me up, placed me on its edge and again commenced his labor of love. With one hand he raised one of my arms in the air in such a manner as to leave my bosom entirely at his discretion. He took one of the nipples in his mouth and pressed me to him with his other hand. My thighs were widely separated and he had no difficulty in entering my vagina. He slightly bent his knees and was soon buried in my grotto. How delicious was the sensation of his lovely engine rubbing against the sides of my vagina. I assisted him by every means in my power, and in a short time we were again inundated with our mutual emission.

The Romance of Lust
(male pov, heterosex)
"No, Charlie, it took some trouble to get it in, let it stop where it is so deliciously engulphed," and at once anticipating her natural desires, she began the most exquisite pressures upon me, which very shortly brought us both up to the point of demanding more active measures. However, I rather restrained her, and told her we must retard our movements to increase our pleasures, because mere quick repetitions would only exhaust her, without yielding the true extasies of enjoyment. I, therefore, taught her the pleasures of the slow movements, and I worked her up to spending point, without giving way myself. The dear little creature clung to me with the most close and endearing embraces, as if she should force a complete amalgamation of our two bodies, and died away in the sweetest bliss of contented desire, with such a heavenly expression of extasy on her face as made me devour it with kisses. I had great difficulty in restraining myself from precipitately following her example; her delicious movements at the moment of spending, and the close pressures on my prick, were so exciting that resisting them was quite a triumph of control. I succeeded, and lay quite quiet, embalmed in the delicious suction of those exquisite folds of her charming little cunt, which exercised the most delightful pressures as well as suction on my enraptured prick. I left it entirely to her to lie as we were as long as she pleased, or to again begin the dear delightful friction that should once more make us dash on passion's furious course, to end as usual in the ever delicious extasies of the final crisis.

This last bout had been a double one for my sister; she all but swooned away with the rapture my spending in unison with her produced. She declared it was a death of the most delicious extasy, which it was perfectly impossible to describe. She clung to me, kissing me in the most endearing manner, and telling me how happy I had at last made her by completing the insertion of my prick in her cunt. It was worth the suffering of twenty times as much agony to arrive at so exquisite a result as every fuck I now gave her conferred upon her. We adjourned to the flower garden, that we might be seen playing together, and not excite suspicion by our constant disappearance, now that we were only two together. Of course, Mary knew what we were at and probably guessed that I had completed the initiation of Eliza. She smiled, and gave me a significant pressure of the hand, when we met again in the school-room to resume our lessons. For two days more I enjoyed Eliza all to myself; at each new fuck she became more and more perfect in conferring as well as receiving pleasure.

The Romance of Lust
(male pov, cunnilingus)
"My dear Charles, do you see that little projection at the upper part of my quim, that is my clitoris, and is the site of the most exquisite sensation; you see it is rather hard, even now, but you will find as you titillate it with your tongue or suck it, that it will become harder and more projecting, so apply your lips there."

I did as my lovely mistress desired, and soon found it stiffen and stand up nearly an inch into my mouth.

The convulsive twitches of her buttocks, the pressure forward of her hand on my head, all proved the exquisite felicity my lovely friend was enjoying. I slipped my hand under my chin—the position was awkward, but I managed to thrust my thumb into her cunt. My forefinger was somewhat in the way—but finding it exactly opposite the rosy hole of her bottom, and all being very moist there, I pushed it forward and it easily entered. I could not move my hand very actively, but I continued to gently draw my finger and thumb a little back together, and then thrust forward again. It seemed to add immensely to the pleasure I was giving her; her whole body quivered with excessive excitement. My head was pressed so firmly against her cunt that I had difficulty in breathing, but I managed to keep up the action of tongue and fingers until I brought on the exquisite crisis—her buttocks rose, her hand pressed hard on my head and her two powerful and fleshy thighs closed on my cheeks on each side and fixed me as if in a vice, while she poured down into my mouth and all over my chin, neck, and hand a perfect rush of sperm, and then lay in convulsive movements of enjoyment, hardly knowing what she was doing. As she held me so fast in every way, I continued to lick up the delicious discharge, and continued at the same time to pass my tongue over her clitoris. This, by producing a new excitement, brought her senses round.

The Romance of Lust
(male pov, cunnilingus)
She did not resist, but let me do as I liked. Pushing myself down the bed, I applied my lips and tongue to her lovely cunt, all wet with our mutual discharge, which was so sweet to the taste that I first began licking between the lips, and the applied myself to her excited clitoris, and with my finger and thumb working as on the previous morning I threw her into an extasy of delight, until again she had a delicious discharge. Then creeping up, I thrust my prick into her well-moistened and velvety cunt—as you may imagine it was rampant as ever after my mouth contact with the exquisite quim I had been sucking.

The Romance of Lust
(male pov, fellatio)
So taking my prick in her soft hand, she gently moved it up and down; then, suddenly stopping, took it into her mouth, sucking as much as she could get in, and titillating the knob with her tongue, while one hand frigged at the root of my prick and the other gently handled my two crisped-up cods. She prolonged the pleasure by occasional pauses, and at last, on finding the electric-like sensations coming, she hastened her movement, and I poured a torrent of sperm into her mouth. She continued her delicious sucking until not a drop more was left for her to swallow. This was the first time she ever gamahuched me, but it was not the last by scores of times. Ever after we improved upon the model, and added other endearments. When not under her courses, we mutually gamahuched each other, and she was the first to repeat upon me, with the intensest gratification, the delicious introduction of a finger behind while gamahuching me. At present, when she had thus taken the edge off my carnal appetite, she lovingly embraced me, and left me to my lovely slumbers. Of course, the four days' grace, saving two more passing visits "to keep me cool," as she said, turned all to the advantage of my sisters, whom I fucked and frigged to their utmost gratification and delight.

The Romance of Lust
(male pov, receiving anal during heterosex)
So saying, he moistened his tool and spit in my bum-hole, and proceeded very gently to introduce his prick therein. I have described his cock as not very thick at the point, consequently the first part introduced itself very easily, but when the pillar pushed its way in, and began to stretch the parts, it produced a curious sickening feeling, very like as if I had received a kick on the bottom; so I was obliged to ask him to halt a little. He was too experienced in the art not to fully understand my feelings, and knew well it would go off in a minute or two, if I was left quiet. So pausing until I told him he might now try to get in further, he drew back a little and applying more spittle to the shaft, gently and firmly, and slowly guided his prick up to the hilt, or as far as his belly and my buttocks would allow. Again pausing a little, until feeling by the throbbing of my prick, which produced the same pressure on my bum-hole, that I was warming to the work, he began slow movements of thrusts in and out, which, together with the hot and voluptuous pressures and movements of my own little partner excited both by Mary's finger and my prick, began to fire my passions, and we soon grew very fierce in our movements. Nothing I could ever have imagined equalled the extraordinary and delicious ecstasy that the double action produced upon my erotic nerves. I gasped, I shuddered with the agony of intense pleasure, and at the moment when the grand and rapturous finale approached, I actually brayed exactly like a donkey, which, in after cooler moments, amused all of us. The action of pleasure had come upon all at once, and we sank in an inert mass on those below us. How poor Mary endured it astonished us, but the scene had so excited her that she said it never occurred to her, and she felt nothing.

July 3-9 - Program the transcript

It's time to get interactive! Add the commands from your sex transcript into your game. You should be able to play through your game now. Post your game up for people to try and give you feedback about how it plays.

When programming, it's important to not fight your story engine. Story engines are designed to be programmed in certain ways. As long as you stay within the expected structure, the programming should be relatively easy. If you do something that runs counter to the design of the story engine, the programming can quickly become very, very hard. If you find yourself doing a lot of complicated programming, you might be trying to make your story engine do something that it was not designed to do. In those cases, it is often easier to adapt your story to fit what the engine wants than the other way around. Experienced AIF authors are adept at finding compromises between the needs of their stories and the design of their story engines. Feel free to ask for advice.

July 10-31 - Fleshing things out

Now that you have a playable game, it's time to flesh things out. Add more commands to your game. Add extra rooms. Add puzzles and plot. Add a conclusion. There's three weeks until the minifest, so use your time wisely to enhance your game.

Post the text that you've written for feedback. Ask for programming advice. Put up playable versions of your game that others can try and make suggestions for. Send me your completed works at the start of August at the email address losttrout AT gmail, so I can gather them together and make them available for the minifest. Even if you haven't been involved with the Writing Salon, I will still accept your game for the minifest. Raw game files or .html files are preferred over executable files because they are smaller and are less likely to have viruses. Sometimes gmail automatically discards emails with certain attachments, so if you don't hear from me after a few days saying that I've received your game, please e-mail me asking what's up.

Updated 9/5:


After a couple of extensions, two games from the Writing Salon were released at the final Minifest event.


  1. Impressive. I hope this works out, seems like it could be great for the community.

  2. This is going to be awesome. Can't wait 'til this thing starts.

  3. Already started brainstroming ideas

    1. So have I. I've narrowed it down to two ideas, and both of them would make fine games. One of them is a bit larger than the other, so I may have to stick with the smaller game. After all, I am a new author and I don't want my first project to be too ambitious.

    2. I'm looking forward to reading your ideas. I might start the salon early at the end of next week so that the discussions can start early.

  4. "a cock in the hand is worth two in the bush"

    literally the worst sex-related motto possible

    1. Bust your nut not your ass.

      It's not the size that counts but the quality of the writing.

    2. I I agree entirely with the idea, just surely it should have been "a cock in the bush is worth two in the hand"?

    3. Why would a rooster in the forest be worth the same as two roosters in the hand?

  5. Frankie No-Legs22 April 2016 at 09:37

    Thanks for organizing this - I think it's going to be the thing that spurs me on. I'm going to working as and when, so I won't be on the sam
    Are there any particular guides for coding up Twine 2 which you anyone can recommend, whilst I work out whether I prefer using Twine 2 (web version) or Sugarcube? I presume you have to download Twine 2 to use Sugarcube.

    It would also be great if you could explain in your Engine post the differences, and why you think there's Twine 2 has less functionality.

    In terms of my idea - to keep it simple I'm looking to write something about two old friends meeting up again over a weekend - splitting it into a scene for each day (and maybe two on the Saturday). But I want to track some variables to allow some kind of variation depending on what choices the reader has made. Twine 2 looks fine for that, but if more experienced people could recommend something that'd be fab too.

    1. Frankie No-Legs22 April 2016 at 09:38

      Realised I left a typo. Meant to say "won't be on the same timeline as everyone else, although I'll be reading and chipping in when I can"

    2. Sugarcube is available in the web version as well. When you're in your story, just click in the lower-left to change your story settings, and you can change to the Sugarcube story format from there. With Sugarcube, you can use most of the tutorials for Twine 1 from the Twine wiki

      Twine 2 lacks a lot of basic functionality needed for larger, more complex stories. Once you have a lot of passages, it's very difficult to manage everything. Twine 1 lets you spread your stories out across multiple files. You can also save everything in an all-text format, and then write your code in your own editor. In Twine 2, everything must be in one file and everything must be developed from within Twine. Twine 2 also leaves out things like proper support for images and sound. For minicomp games, Twine 2 is fine. If you are writing a long game, Twine 2 is inadequate. All the little problems with Twine 2 add up and become too big a barrier to getting things done.

      The main story format in Twine 2 is called Harlowe. It is an ambitious design that turned out to be too complicated. In Sugarcube and Twine 1, there are two ways to tag things: links and code. In Twine 2's Harlowe, there are four ways to tag things: links, code, hooks, and named hooks. It's just too many things to keep track of.

      Twine 2's Snowman is unusable. Even basic details of the language have not been worked out.

      The programmer for Sugarcube seems to be a very experienced and conscientious programmer. Sugarcube is very well-architected and very consistent internally. All the pieces fit together very well. The building blocks that come with Sugarcube simply make a lot of sense, they fit together well, and provide a lot of power.

    3. Frankie No-Legs23 April 2016 at 09:48

      That's really helpful, thank you - just the sort of well thought-out explanation which is incredibly helpful when thinking of learning a new language, which is basically what it seems to be. I hadn't noticed the Sugarcube thing on the web, so thanks for that - it really will make things hugely easier.

      I look forward to working with Sugarcube now!