Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Real McCoy: Part 3

 ... Is up for viewing in on the Yahoo AIF group. This portion of the story includes an extra special survey; a contest between good and evil, light and dark, saucy and sultry (one might say). Make sure to take a look:


Edit: Huh, just saw roughly half the number of responses I get in a week in the last 12 hours or so ... nice, keep it up! Remember, this one will be featuring in a more hardcore style scene for the next portion of the story ... choose wisely (or not, not is fun too)!

Another edit: For those of you rooting for Jasmine (and thus, for a scene with Alice) a message from your Succubus: "Anyone who wants to see me and my sister together (with another guy) better start voting for me! Remember, the only way you get both of us is if I win 2 to 1 (the same as the ratio of girls to guys you will be seeing). You've got a lot of work ahead if you want some hot threesome action ..."

Yet another edit: The Real McCoy will not have an update this week and instead will return next weekend (the 25th or 26th). Responses were initially very good but not enough to prompt an extra update this month and what with upcoming holidays I will be a little too busy this weekend to give the story proper justice. On the plus side, those who still haven't completed the survey now have extra time to chime in. Until next week ...

Final Edit: Just a head's up, for those who haven't done the Real McCoy survey I will be closing it out this Friday to begin writing the next segment. If you haven't completed the survey (or are taking Jasmine's dubious advice to cheat by re-taking it) then you have until then to make your voice heard!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Apocalypse High: Prologue Part 2

... is up on the Yahoo group. Don't forget to take the survey!  (

Also, for Real McCoy fans remember that you have up until the end of today to get 10 more surveys in to break my old record and get yourself a bonus piece of the story this weekend. Surveys with interesting responses to Alice and Vince's blog posts count double; do your part to make me wear out my keyboard prematurely! Survey here:


Saturday, 28 October 2017

Real McCoy Part Two!

... is now posted to the Yahoo group. Hope you all like it! The survey format is changing a little this time around so that readers will be responding directly to Alice and Vince. The same comment to both of them may result in very different changes to the story so choose your words well! If nothing else, give Alice a nod, she finds the attention a little exciting ..

Survey here:


Edit: Just an update but I should be working on Apocalypse High sometime within then ext week, so if you are looking to influence the intro you may want to make sure to do the survey relatively soon!

Also, just a reminder to comment as well as filling out the more numerical portions of the survey for Real McCoy. The current survey is designed so that readers can respond directly to Alice and Vince's blogs. Alice tends to get a little more daring as she gets more attention and Vince is always looking for suggestions to help him plan his next photo shoot for his upcoming game; if you want things to get a little wild, let them know ...

Edit 11/4: Hey everyone, I noticed that we appear to have reached our usual upper limit for responses to the Real McCoy survey. Being the sort of person I am, I'd like to break that, so figure I'd offer some incentive to our lurkers out there. If I end up with 10 more responses by the end of today I will try to get another Real McCoy post out there this weekend (was originally going to wait for next weekend for that). I will count double for those with interesting responses to Vince and Alice's blogs, so make sure to give our characters some feedback!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Apocalypse High CDAF

Hey everyone,

Letwri again. Just letting you know that I will also be running the Apocalypse High CDAF story due to significant response requesting it. This, like Real McCoy, can currently be found on the Yahoo AIF Archive group both as a post and in the files section, with the survey available at the end of each post. The first post of Apocalypse High is available now, so swing by and take a look if you are into more over the top style stories with sexy demonic shenanigans!

Given the size of some of these posts I am expecting to release maybe 2 parts of Real McCoy and 1 part of Apocalypse High per month, likely one per week. I may, however, release more than usual if I see a surge of interest; I hate to disappoint after all, so if you want to see more make sure you make your voice heard! That being said, I can't guarantee anything since I do after all have a job and a life (sorta) but I will try my best to make it happen if I can.

That's all for now, keep your eyes peeled for the next update!


Edit: Think I've got enough replies to start working on the basic outline for the next part of the Real McCoy, may give it another day or so before I begin writing and close out the survey. If you have any last minute ideas or opinions now is the time! The survey can be found here:

Haven't seen much in the way of response for Apocalypse High yet and no clear trends forming that I can see. I'd like to complete the Prologue by end of the month at latest; if you feel the same then you may want to get in there and share what you want to see happen with Anka! To cast your vote on what happens to the alabaster skinned girl next door go here:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Trying something new(-ish)

Hey everyone, this is Letwri. You may have seen me around here and there on the subreddit or on my old alias through the Yahoo AIF Archive. If so, you may know that I'm not really an AIF writer; I've written forum based games (Live AIF, for those who remember and I spend tons of time thinking about game and story ideas but I've never really jived with the the technical side of creating an honest AIF game.

I do still enjoy writing and I tend to do that best when I have an audience so I've decided to try something a little different. I'm terming it CDAF; Community Driven Adult Fiction. What this basically means is I will writing stories and having the community provide input between posts, allowing the whole community to get their say in the next 'command' after a fashion.

To that end, I've started up a survey to see what story I should write for the community; if all goes well, I may well end up doing a bunch of these but we're going to start small at first. My two initial story ideas are:

The Real McCoy: An AIF writer, Vince McCoy, uses pictures of his girlfriend in a game to draw interest back to the community. When the game becomes wildly successful and the community clamors for more Vince and his girlfriend must decide how far they will go to help save his hobby ... 

Apocalypse High: Benjamin Stoltz felt life at Delmonte High was hell. But this year that may be more than an exaggeration when students begin acting strangely after the school Spirit Festival. Suddenly violence and sex seem to be everywhere (moreso than usual), and demonic creatures begin replacing the students. With literal horny monsters chasing the women at school, including his crush and childhood friend, Ben just may find himself missing the bad old days ... 

Interested? Or maybe you have another theme to suggest? Either way, swing by and leave your mark: 


Edit: Actually got a decent crop of responses already with The Real McCoy as our winner. Already posted the Prologue in the Files area of the Yahoo group for those who want to take a look. Also have a link out to the survey that I'll be using to take reader input to shape the future of the story:

I'll still be taking responses for the first survey and if there's enough demand I may write Apocalypse High as well, though it will be a secondary priority to Real McCoy if I do. 

Another Edit: Part One is now up on the Yahoo AIF Archive group. Complete the survey if you love me:  

Also, looks like we had a surge of interest in Apocalypse High so I will probably be writing that up as well. Keep an eye out for it!

Friday, 29 September 2017

2017 AIF Mini-Comp Results

After a hiatus of two years, the AIF Mini-Comp returned this year with a lot of excitement. Not only was there a good turnout of games, there was also lots of user discussions both before and during the Mini-Comp.

There were six entries to the Mini-Comp this year:
  • Control by Nicholas Wright (TADS3)
  • Seduce Code by Octarine Flash (ADRIFT)
  • Sex on the Beach by Hanon Ondricek (HTML-AXMA)
  • Entrancing Fling by Lost Trout (HTML-Inky)
  • Evil on Queen Street by ArdRi Games (ADRIFT, HTML-Twine)
  • The Swap by Broken Knight (TADS3) 
Thank you to all of the authors for providing us with so many creative and enjoyable games to play this year! 

After tabulating all the votes, I found that the results were very close for the top spot. In the end though, the top three finishers were:
  1. Sex on the Beach by Hanon Ondricek
  2. The Swap by Broken Knight
  3. Control by Nicholas Wright
Congratulations to Hanon Ondricek for winning the 2017 AIF Mini-Comp with the entry Sex on the Beach!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pervert Action: Legacy v1.2.0 and 1.3.0

PAL v1.2.0:

I've put out the first public release of the newly updated PAL! While this doesn't include the new Attack of the Nega Maids sex scenes there is a lot of new and improved stuff to see, including a substantial graphical update, improved gameplay, bug fixes, cheats and lots more fun in the combat system.

I've also put out the first Attack of the Nega Maids release for patrons, if you're interested. This version contains: the ability to feel up the maids and have sex with them while they do their daily chores, as well as new requests from the sleazy merchant Hiroshi that you can choose to ignore or accept. You can find that version here:

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

AIF Mini-Comp 2017 Games are Here

The games for the 2017 AIF Mini-Comp are now available to play and vote on. We had a good turnout of games this year with six entries. 
  • Control by Nicholas Wright (TADS3)
  • Seduce Code by Octarine Flash (ADRIFT)
  • Sex on the Beach by Hanon Ondricek (HTML)
  • Entrancing Fling by Lost Trout (HTML)
  • Evil on Queen Street by ArdRi Games (ADRIFT)
  • The Swap by Broken Knight (TADS3) 
The games can be downloaded from the following link:!h7wUkbAa!8752MR1if9i69lmiH_q0asCrdvzsYHBqExUVwAqXzEw
Update 9/10 (new Twine version of Evil on Queen Street added):!5rpVUZKZ!u9uHIRPpN6ZboaKEtp6lJvGBXkomEDzTPIy4-KdG1Oc

Update 9/12 (new SugarCube version of Entrancing Fling added):!Yn5kWKpQ!Ae9sqFesjZ-FGH98py-1z7hqq6_nOFIyCv_7SbLABd4

They are also available for download from here. More information on how to play the games can be found on the AIF FAQ.

Please rate the games at this voting site:

Voting will run until the end of September 24.

Feel free to discuss the games openly during the voting period.

If any of the authors want to release an update to their games, please just send them to me, though not everyone will necessarily get the updated versions.

Thank you to the authors for making these games for everyone to enjoy!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Choosing a Voting System for the Mini-Comp 2017

Now that the games for the Mini-Comp have arrived, I have to choose a voting system. The most straight-forward approach would be to use a ranking system where players vote for their preferred game or choose their favorites.

I've decided to go with a rating scheme where players actually rate the games in each of the six categories. I think this provides more useful information to game makers because they can find out which areas their game is strong in and which areas their game is weak in. A rating scheme is also more fair to games that some people can't play. If a game doesn't work on a Mac system, then Mac players will never vote it as their favorite game. With a rating system, it's still possible to use ratings from other players to compare the games with each other.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

It's Submission Time for the 2017 AIF Mini-Comp

It's the end of August, so it's time to put down your pencils and start submitting your games to the AIF Mini-Comp. Just send your game to me some time over the next couple of days. The deadline was always somewhat arbitrary, so I'll still accept your entries even if they arrive after August.

Send them to me by e-mail at losttrout AT gmail DOT com.

In the interest of avoiding viruses, it is preferred if you send game interpreter files or HTML files instead of binary executable files.

I'll start up your game to find the game's title and author, but if you want that information to be listed differently from what's there, please let me know that too.

As of September 1st, I have received the following games:
  • Control by Nicholas Wright
  • Seduce Code by Octarine Flash
  • Sex on the Beach by Hanon Ondricek
  • Entrancing Fling by Lost Trout 
  • Evil on Queen Street by ArdRi Games
  • game by Broken Knight (delayed until after Labor Day)

I'll try to have the games released early next week.