Monday, 19 February 2018 needs an additional writer!

We have grown quite a bit in the last year, and now we want to keep expanding the studio to create more games. We are now looking for an additional writer for an upcoming game.

Our current writer is Annother Wannabe, who is absolutely amazing and I'm sure most of you already know. The reason I wanted AW was his background in AIF and of course, how exceptionally good his writing is. In general, I find that AIF writers have a much better grasp of the importance of sexual tension and buildup to a sex scene. So I'm posting this here in hopes that perhaps somebody else from the community I started off in, and will always love, will be interested in doing something they are passionate about and get a fair salary for.

Note that in that post it says you need Ren’Py experience (mainly because our script language is similar to Ren’Py and hence you would have an easier time starting off).This is a big plus but not required. We have an extensive manual explaining everything you need to know in order to get started, and even the unitiated can indeed apply. The most important factor is that you are strong in emphasizing sexual tension and slow buildup in your story. Have you played our other games you probably already know what we’re looking for. If you are interested, check out the thread I linked to find out how to apply. Please include any previous work that can be relative or write some kind of short story that contains the features we are looking for, should you not have written something before.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

No Real McCoy This Week

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I'm a bit under the weather so I don't think I'll be managing a post for Real McCoy this week; probably for the best really since we didn't have a particularly huge response in the surveys anyway, so this will give people who haven't had a chance to respond a little more time. Just reopened the survey, so have at it. See you all next week (hopefully)!


Edit: Feeling a little better so I may take some time to draft out some basic parts of the story for this upcoming week. I'd sort of like to go a bit larger with this post (ideally double the length of the usual) to make up for missing last week but I haven't seen much response and we are in the middle of a multiple-way tie that really probably needs to be resolved. I'd really rather not do another random thing (sorry, not feeling another spin the bottle scene) so I'm playing with some fallback ideas but I'd hate to take the choice out of the reader's hands.

Anyone out there who hasn't responded yet, this may be your time to shine; pretty much anyone responding at this point would be breaking things up so there's a good chance the next person to complete the survey will decide the events of the next post ...

Saturday, 13 January 2018

No Real McCoy or Apocalypse High This Weekend

Just a reminder, no post this week for either Real McCoy or Apocalypse High. Had some fairly minimal responses to both so no extra post this month. Oddly, for the first time ever Apocalypse High is tied with Real McCoy in survey numbers, usually it only has about 75% of the number of responses tops ... should Alice be worried?

Also, kind of curious, did you see your suggestions or comments implemented in the Real McCoy last week? As some of my past readers in particular may recall, I am fond of sneaking in little clues and tricks in my stories, which may or may not come out in a big way later in the story.

I sometimes suspect I go with a slightly too soft touch at times though ... if you've made suggestions or comments on the Blogs, mind helping me out by letting me know if you feel like you've been heard? If not, should I do some kind of 'Behind the Scenes' or spoiler type option where you get insight into some of that stuff? Let me know folks!


Edit: Actually kind of interesting, we have a four way tie in the Real McCoy survey as of this morning. We still have until next weekend to get that sorted out, but just a heads up that things are pretty close on the 'who should Alice spend time with next' question. If you have a particular person you'd like to see her with, make sure to chime in, every vote counts!

Another Edit: In a rather impressive distribution of new votes for Real McCoy the surveys remain in a tie. It would be rather interesting were I the sort to analyze such things I suspect. As I'm using it for my writing prompt though, I'll just remind folks to keep voting and hope we reach some kind of resolution. Survey will remain open until Friday so fire away when you get the chance. No one wants another spin the bottle scene so soon after the last one, do they?

Monday, 8 January 2018

Apocalypse High Part 2 is live!

... I need to start getting these posts out earlier, but hey it's technically up in time! Take a look on the Yahoo groups forum for the latest post, the PDF version to be uploaded shortly. As always, we have a survey for you here.

Also, don't forget about the Real McCoy survey, which can be found here. Next week will be an off week unless I see significant responses for one story or another, so make sure to send in your thoughts if you want to see more!


Edit: Hey all, we're mid-way through the week so I just thought I'd do a little update. So far there haven't been too many survey results (less than five for Apocalypse High, only a handful for Real McCoy as well); still holding out for the possibility that we may see some better response over the next few days though. Keep in mind that if we see enough for one story or the other I'll be doing a bonus post this weekend; otherwise this will be an off week. Jump on in and get surveying if you want to see more!

Friday, 5 January 2018

Apocalypse High Post: Coming Soon

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that I will be closing out the Apocalypse High survey to start writing soon. If you want to help influence the story, now is the time; I'll probably be closing it off sometime within the next 6 to 12 hours or so. Some of the more supernatural elements will begin making a more obvious appearance soon, so keep an eye out!


Monday, 1 January 2018

Real McCoy Part Six is posted!

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the long wait folks, a lot of issues the past few weeks and some serious writer's block caused by said issues. I hope it will never happen again but .. no promises, unfortunately. For those aspiring writers out there suffering similar issues, my personal tip is to power through; you may not feel like you've written the best thing in the world (or at least, I never do) but actually getting something on paper (or screen) is better than nothing.

The survey will follow shortly, I still have to construct it. Next weekend will be Apocalypse High, so make sure those of you who haven't voted yet get around to it. Survey link for Apocalypse High can be found here:


Edit: The survey for the newest Real McCoy is here:

Also, for those who haven't seen it yet Bob Arctor has done some amazing additions to the fan art I previously posted. Check it out here.

Another Edit: I will be taking down the Apocalypse High survey tomorrow to begin work on the next bit of the story; anyone interested in influencing the outcome may way to get their surveys in soon!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Real McCoy Survey Closing Soon

Just a head's up that I'll probably be closing out the Real McCoy survey sometime in the middle of this week (Wednesday/Thursday area) to begin drafting the next portion of the story. Responses seem to have mostly tapered off at this point, so I'm thinking by mid-week I should have a definite idea of where the story is going.

Also wanted to give a shout out to those readers who have responded with multi-paragraph, in-character responses on the Blogs, it's definitely making the game a little more interesting; although, I almost feel like at least one or two of you are saying things that might make Alice act a little different from what you voted for ...

Anyway, things are still a tight race here. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes! Also, don't forget Apocalypse High is still up for voting as well!


Edit: Huh, we once again seem to have a tie vote in our survey for Real McCoy. I'll be keeping the survey open either up through tomorrow or until the next vote that breaks the tie I think. I don't think this next portion of the story merits another 'spin the bottle' scene ...

Another (late) Edit: Hey everyone, sorry there hasn't been a post from this past weekend yet. Had some less than great personal issues that ate up a bunch of my time (and let's be honest, motivation) so I may defer the update for Real McCoy until this upcoming weekend. Apologies for the late update but it's been a little hectic. Will try to make it up to everyone with this next post ... until next weekend, folks!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

No Apocalypse High Post This Week

Just a head's up, no Apocalypse High this weekend; didn't get enough responses to merit a full post. Keep in mind though, we do still have two weekends left after this one, so survey away if you want to see more Apocalypse High before the end of the year!

Also, next weekend I should be doing another Real McCoy post, so keep an eye out. If you haven't responded yet, you may want to soon; things are much closer than usual the last few surveys and Alice has some big decisions to make. Also remember that surveys that include a particularly good comment or suggestion on The Muse's Blog or RealDeal22's Blog may carry some more weight than they otherwise might ...


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A couple of things ...

So real quick, I wanted to get some announcements out. Firstly, for those who are interested, I have uploaded several of my old works from the site to the Yahoo group Files section. This includes the old Test series (The Test, the Rival), Phantasmagoria and Unforeseen Consequences (my Half-Life 2 based game). These games are more or less directly pulled from the old forum, so they are formatted in more of a command/response structure than a story; they also represent some of my first attempts at writing, so buyer beware. Many thanks to Shino24, who provided copies of some of the lost content for those stories.

Been looking at some of the totals for the Apocalypse High and Real McCoy surveys and tentatively I'm expecting to take this weekend off unless I see a a bunch more flood in. I'm assuming many of our readers are probably busy with the holiday season prep so I want to make sure they have some time to read, enjoy and respond if they would like to. I promise, it's not me holding the stories hostage (give me all your opinions in a brown paper bag!) I just want to make sure I'm pacing things properly.

As usual, if it looks like one story or another has a surge of interest I will do what I can to get more content out there. Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Let me know (my contact info is listed on each story post, by the way)!


Edit: Had a question or two about whether it was Apocalypse High's turn for a post this week; Apocalypse High's post for this month was actually the first weekend of this month. I am still willing to give it another post this weekend but I still haven't seen too many responses yet. I'm going to say at that I need at least another 4 or 5 responses before I'm willing to close that out and start writing; if for no other reason than to break some tied votes. If I see we have a decent number by tomorrow morning I'll make the announcement and start writing it.

Another Edit: Just a quick update from your Muse's Blog ...

"Adoring Fans, is that really what you want? To see me with my sister's boyfriend again? I mean, I suppose if that's what you want I could always ... but I mean, that can't be it, right? This is a love story between me and my boyfriend ... isn't it?

My bratty sister is practically cackling right now! She wants me to tell you to keep it up. She says that she'll extend her old offer; if the vote goes two to one in favor of her boyfriend and me, she will do a scene with me.I know you'll do the right thing again though ... right?"

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Real McCoy Part Five

.... is now up. Things are really heating up now! Take a look on the Yahoo group. Survey is also posted here.


Edit: Starting to think that one of my favorite parts of this story is viewing the survey results the day after. Usually I get some good comments in the first wave, but this time the point of interest is actually how even some of the results are this time. Sort of seems like more NTR fans coming out of the woodwork or something lately ... well, guess our fans of the 'true love' type route will just have to work extra hard! I'm just as eager as anyone to see how this little camping trip ends ...

Also Apocalypse High fans remember to cast your votes as well! We're only at about half the responses we usually hit on that game; come on, even demons and villains need a little love ...