Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Halloween Open Thread: Clothing

In the spirit of Halloween and costumes, I thought I'd start the open threads again with a topic on clothing in AIF. Some AIFs have characters disrobe completely at the start of a sex scene, while others see characters go through multiple stages and combinations (the best example I can think of that I have seen would be a rub butt/pussy command that gave different responses based on: dress on/panties on, dress on/panties off, dress off/panties on, dress off/panties off; and then the above would be done for the top as well with shirt/bra).

So the thread is: how much does a more "complex" clothing system add to AIF? Does having multiple options about how a character is disrobed add to the game, or is it fluff that probably takes a lot of author time and is unnecessary?

And a final question: do costumes in AIF work? Does describing a character as 'dressed as a cheerleader' make the sex scene hotter? I'm not talking about AIF with pictures here, just the actual descriptions. How well can the sexiness of certain outfits be communicated by just text?