Wednesday, 26 April 2017

April Open Thread: Why AIF?

I've been away from blogger for awhile and missed the discussion on moving to a different domain. While there is a lot necessary points in that thread, to me it had an overall negative feel as we discuss the community becoming smaller. So I thought a more positive thread might be nice.

Why do like AIF?

As a player: the internet is filled with adult materials, so what is it about AIF that keeps you coming back to it?

As an author (if applicable): creating an AIF is a time intensive process, what makes you want to undertake the work of making an AIF?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Minicomp 2017?

I became busy IRL, and I didn't notice that mini-comp season is coming up again!

Is anyone interested in participating in some sort of minicomp event this year? What sort of event would you prefer? A traditional Minicomp? A CYOA Sneeze comp? An AIF Writing Salon? Something else?

During the last few years of mini-comps, it seems like there has been a struggle to find enough participants or organizers. Some people have also argued that the mini-comp itself distracts authors from writing full games. Would it make sense to press pause on the mini-comp this year?

Monday, 3 April 2017

MWA1 - now with images

Hey guys,

Not wishing to detract from the bigger issue of a new webpage or forum, but I am pleased to announce that My Weekend Adventures 1 is (....finally!) re-released, with images.

You can download it here -  Hope you enjoy it.

I found it a bit frustrating adding images after I had done the text and the programming.  But that’s my fault for wanting to add images.  Now I am working on MWA2 and a short visual novel, and in addition to Adrift I am trying out Ren’py to see if it is a good vehicle for adult fiction.  My initial feelings are that Ren’py is way better for images but Adrift is much better for text.