Monday, 20 January 2014

AIF Toolkit v0.5.0 with Adult CYOA

EDIT: The new version is AIF Toolkit v 0.5.1. It fixes a pretty embarrassing and major bug. You should download it here.

AIF Toolkit v0.5.0 is released. There are a couple of major changes that break compatibility in a serious way, so it's recommended you save a backup of the prior version of Simpler AIF and Advanced Layered Clothing. Overall, it's worth it. Sex toys and non-standard body parts are now fully supported, in addition to tribadism, frotting, and other things. Read the documentation for more details.

As there are some major changes, I do expect some bugs and I ask that people submit bug reports if they find anything.

A few people have asked me for the extension I used to make Bad Sister with. I have released Adult CYOA with this extension that will allow you to make Bad Sister style games (meaning that it is CYOA with AIF commands). In truth, this extension is a lot better than what I used to make Bad Sister, so you will have a much easier time of it than I did.

To Twine users, you might consider using Adult CYOA. It's only marginally less user friendly, and in exchange, you get a far more flexible parser with tools that are a lot more powerful. You can simulate inventories and add special commands. You can even compile to a browser-friendly interpreter.

In the future, I'm going to try to publish a few tutorials on writing with Adult CYOA. Wait and see.

Anyways, you can download the new version here. [EDIT: Use the link above.]


  1. So AIF Toolkit is an extension to what, exactly?

    1. Excellent question. It's an extension for Inform 7. I can't believe I left that out.