Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The month in AIF (May 2014)

May was an unusually busy month in the world of AIF. Both Emily: Sister Attraction by Palmer and the final version of Magician's Nephew by Mr Flibble were released, to widespread acclamation.

Emily was initially released as a demo last year, and Palmer has done a good job of both maintaining the level of interest that the demo generated and delivering on it with the finished product, which is probably the best incest-themed game in AIF history so far. Of course it doesn't hurt that Emily makes extensive use of graphics alongside a strong story.

Emily: Sister Attraction is for ADRIFT 5 and is available from http://palmeraif.weebly.com/games.html

Magician's Nephew was released as an open beta almost a year ago. The final version squashes a lot of bugs and adds some extra content for the ending. Perhaps because a lot of people had already played the beta, the final version didn't really receive the reception that it's ambition deserved, but it's an excellent and involving game and I encourage you to seek it out if you haven't already played it.

Magician's Nephew is for Inform 7 and is currently only available from the aifarchive Yahoo! group (where Mr Flibble has also kindly uploaded the source code).

On top of that, towards the end of the month two other authors announced that they had games ready for beta testing. One of them, Minterlint, has set up a blog to chronicle his game's development. Additionally, the first chapter of Pervert Action: Origins by EFon, a three chapter CYOA prequel to BBBen's Pervert Action series, was released and can be found here.

In other news, this year's AIF Minicomp was formally announced. The deadline this year is July 14, 2014. Full rules can be found here.

As usual, if there are any news items we've missed, let us know via email or the comments below.

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  1. A new version of the AIF Toolkit was released late this month. You can download it on my blog.