Thursday, 1 October 2015


There were two entries to this year's SNEEZE Comp. Thanks for everyone who participated! These are:
  • Condomocium by Octarine Flash
  • The Heir by Efon
You can download the entries here.

Have fun playing! Once you are done, fill out the voting form here. Voting closes on October 8th, 2015, 12:00 PM. Since there are only two entries, it's a simple binary vote and instant runoff votes are unnecessary. Any feedback you send will be given to the author.

EDIT 10/1/2015: Author posted a last-minute update to Condomocium.


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, I guess nobody's had an article to post lately. I'm a little busy so I'm not likely to post anything in the next few days, at least. We could use a contentious conversation topic or something.

  2. Sorry to update an old page, but I've been trying to play Condomocium. However, it asks for a password and I can't find said password anywhere on the net. Any ideas?

    1. A password? I assume you already got the file downloaded/unzipped or what not.

      If that is the case, it sounds like maybe you are trying to open the game with the development tools instead of the player. Open up the adrift runner -- I think it is simply called run### (with the #s being the version).

      Using the dev### is the tool you use to make games, so it is probably password protected. If this isn't the issue, ask again and we will see what we can do .

    2. You must have downloaded the full ADRIFT developer system instead of just the runner.
      If you right-click on it in explorer there should be a "Play" option.
      If not then start the runner (Run500.exe) and choose "open adventure" from it's file menu.