Friday, 22 January 2016

What I've been doing lately (Pervert Action: Legacy progress)

I haven't been posting as much publicly as I used to about my game development progress for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I write a full blog post every week for my Patreon backers and so doing smaller updates elsewhere feels a little distracting. Also I couldn't think of a way to do it that didn't just take the form of shameless self-promotion. Anyway, in case you're interested in the larger changes that have been taking place and the general level of development of my current WIP, Pervert Action: Legacy, here's an update.

Let Me In:

This year I have mostly been developing Pervert Action: Legacy, but I was able to take about a month off in the latter half of the year to make Let Me In. (Available here.) Even though I can think of some ideas of how to expand and improve this concept I decided that the game was complete enough to consider it a full, 1.0 version. This was an interesting release experience for me because I used a more public and gradual release process this time, similar to what other adult game developers tend to do outside of the AIF sphere. I think I reached a lot of players that wouldn't have ever seen any of my games before thanks to that broader appeal.


Maybe this should be a post unto itself, but an adult game hosting service called Kimochi has started up, modeled on Steam but for porn games. It's still in beta but you can download the client and get games through it now - some are paid games but of course many are free. I was invited to post my games on their service and that's become a great new hosting option for me, since it's been a little difficult to successfully host my games now that they tend to be quite large in file size (hundreds of MB). I assume it's also helping me to reach new players that I wouldn't otherwise have found, although naturally since the platform is still taking off it's not a big impact yet.

Alpha stage:

Pervert Action: Legacy will be the third Pervert Action game I've made and is currently in an alpha stage. Since starting up my Patreon campaign I've kind of been able to transform how I work on AIF games; it's now a part-time job for me that I tend to work on every day. I don't think I would really be able to develop PAL without it, since the scope of the project is considerably more demanding than my previous games. It would just take so long to make if I weren't able to dedicate my time to it this way.

It's not finished yet but I've got the combat system done, most of the story done and several sex scenes close to complete. Most of the writing is done and most of the voice acting has been recorded, but some of the graphics and programming are still needed and very little is outright finished. I've released playable alphas to my backers privately, but I'm still some way away from a full public release of the game. I can't be quite sure when that will be, although I'm considering putting out a limited demo version at some point. I need to prioritize making the full alpha versions function well, however.

New graphics:

During the year, thanks to support on Patreon, I was able to use that money to buy a new computer that has the power to render 3D graphics in an engine called nVidia Iray. Other AIF authors like Dr Realgood and Palmer are using this software now too; basically it just makes the lighting in images more photorealistic, but the difference in quality can be dramatic. Here's a little sample of a recent image that I've made with this software:

Ai, from Pervert Action: Legacy.

I'm very happy with the improved results, combined with the fact that I've been gathering more substantial 3D resources to work with and I've just been getting better at 3D illustration with more practice. Recently, in fact, I've been re-rendering a lot of my earlier graphic design work from late 2014 to early 2015 in order to create a higher general standard of quality. I was already working in a higher resolution anyway, as well as adding a larger number of images overall, so I think the difference when compared to my previous games is significant.

Anyway, that's all I had to say. I'm not even 100% clear on why I posted this except I kind of figured there might be people not following my twitter updates and my Patreon stuff. (Oh, here's a link to that before I go. I didn't want to make this about self-promotion, but I might as well post a link since I've been talking about it a lot.) Any questions?


  1. Quote: Any questions?

    Only a few:

    When does my erection go away after i seen that ass of Ai , or am i stuck with it forever?

    And now serious

    In proportion how much more combat will PAL have compared to PAF? Will it be (can't think of another word) grindy, or more like PAF and have some battles thrown at you in a progressive way

    You mentioned you re-rendering some of your your graphic design of late 2014 to early 2015 work. Now would you consider your work on PAF late 2014 work? And if yes, well you know what the follow up question would be.

    And last while i know you won't say a release date, will you at least tell me how many hours of gameplay we can expect? So i can start saving up some free days.

    1. ;D

      Combat: The way I've organised it in PAL is that you kind of have a choice how much fighting you do, although there will be maybe two compulsory fights in the game the rest will be optional, to build up your stats. Therefore you can treat them as a grind early on to get your stats up high, or you can wait until later because the fights will become easier. Or you can just make do with low stats (it can be done that way more or less, with good timing).

      The stuff I was doing in late 2014 was early PAL character design. PAF is actually earlier work - unfortunately I lost all my PAF image design save files during a computer transfer a couple of years ago so I would have to start from scratch if I was to make new images for the game. Because of that and some other technical reasons it would be hard for me to add more images to PAF, so I'll probably have to leave that one alone and just dedicate myself to making the new games for now rather than updating older ones.

      Gameplay hours are hard for me to guess because I can't play them exactly normally, but I do know this one is quite long. There's more sexual content to go along with that length thanks to stuff like 'night service training' (nightly training of the maids) and a few threesome scenes, and the main gameplay is similar to PAF but more involved, so it tends to take a bit longer.

      I've had comments about PAF that suggest it's maybe 5-30 hours long (rather a broad range) and so I would guess PAL is like... I don't know... 6-40 hours long? It's longer than PAF, anyway. It takes me a long time to test it, I know that much.