Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Welcome to Becky from MWA....

Hi everyone,

Many of you will have played MWA1 by now.  I am keen to add images to this and future games, and they are starting to happen. Please welcome Becky to the AIF world…

There are more images on my website as well as a link to my new Patreon page.  Oh dear, another Patreon page!  Why Patreon?  Well, I have found that it costs a lot for the 3D content I need to make the dozens of images that I want to put into each game.  My games are free; if you like them and want to say thanks or just help out, a small donation via my Patreon page will help me to pay for the graphics stuff and I can make the games more enjoyable.

Hope you like Becky.  Next will be the lovely Jo.


PS: Becky says see you later...


  1. A tip: you've kind of hidden your Patreon link on your webpage. You should put it on the front page and don't just give a URL, put a clickable link. Also, I'd probably put some images, etc. on the front page. Thirdly I'd consider linking people straight to your Patreon page rather than a separate website - don't make people do a lot of work to see what you're making.

    1. Thanks BBBen, really good points. I will get onto this. Haven't done clickable links before but they can't be that hard!

  2. Hello again. Jo is up as well now.
    Click links above or go to http://ptypoeaif.weebly.com/blog

    Hope you like her!

  3. MWA1. I must be the only person who's never played it if it's referred to by initials and never the entire name.

  4. Hey everyone. Just posted some pics of Milly here - http://ptypoeaif.weebly.com/blog. Hope you like her.

  5. Ptypoe here again...introducing Amielle on my website - http://ptypoeaif.weebly.com/blog Enjoy!