Monday, 10 October 2016

Introducing Dracis

I'm a long term lurker who played a number of AIF games but found them too hard, but years after playing a number of games still remember SS Whore, Community Policing and Cat Burglar. The latter due to not being able to get inside the house!!!!

In Feb 2014 I started playing around with Daz3D after years of seeing rendered images on Renderotica and in a number of games. After seeing that Daz was ‘free’ I downloaded it and gave it a go. In Dec 2014 I started with Reality and the Luxrender software and started a DeviantArt gallery. Then came a number of Twine game attempts with the best one being started in May 2015. Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair then lauched onto Patreon in Aug 2016.

It is currently over 200k words long and has 270 odd 3D renders. Sci-Fi based theme, female protagonist with a number of adult themes: BDSM, non-consensual, humiliation and a general corruption mechanic based on a little of mind control.

In the author's opinion this game is a good example of what can be done with Twine easily (no coding experience). The main goal is to create a good game which is well received (bit of personal pride) and totally free. Game can be found on (play online) or downloaded from!xVVUSBDZ!ZaeOxekvPJCSXky9LZQ-JiIyuNYYrMI_o0FS2Lmex1o (70Mb – due to images).


  1. Impressive work. You can see the Twine underpinnings, but you've made excellent use of the format's ability to be customized.

    I haven't gotten far into the story yet, so no comment about that.

  2. Twine is actually quite easy to change, I have no coding experience and was able to pick out code from help forums and mess around with html/css from W3 Schools. Right click and 'Inspect Element' and you find clues on how to change things.