Thursday, 17 April 2014

Super PAC development

I thought I would post a little bit of a preview for Super PAC here (as I'm having trouble posting pictures on my own site right now) and also maybe reflect a little on the process of developing Super PAC.

Some thoughts, presented in no particular order:

I assume most readers will be aware I'm working on a re-release of Pervert Action: Crisis, with added pictures and a few other tweaks. The pictures have been developed by two different sources - me and Phinn, so I guess it will be interesting to see how people respond to having the two different styles co-exist alongside one another in the game. So far the feedback has been positive.

The game is now getting fairly close to done, but not as close as it usually is when I enter a beta, which is why it's taking a little longer to conduct this beta than I usually would - there's still a bit of work being done on the images.

People who read my website will be aware that I reduced the scope of the re-release in order to be able to complete it within a reasonable time frame. I designed this project with the idea in mind that this would be something quick I could throw together and release a couple of months after PAF came out. I wanted to simply update the game to include pictures and have more accessible gameplay, to match with Pervert Action: Future. As it happens it's now over 15 months since PAF's release (time flies!) and Super PAC, despite being mostly a matter of some technical improvements and a bunch of new pictures (many of which I didn't even make), has taken a surprisingly large amount of work.

Pervert Action: Crisis has been a bit of a millstone around my neck throughout a lot of my time as an AIF developer. Not as a completed project, mind you, as it was generally well received. What I mean is that in a partially developed state the game has proven to be very difficult to get to completion, both in this Super PAC re-release and even more so in the original development process. It's kind of hard for me at this point to see the game's positive qualities, so beta feedback has been essential in trying to gauge whether or not the project is working. Regardless, I'm going to be glad when this project is behind me and I can get back to more creative work.

Nonetheless I'm hoping that players will be able to enjoy what we've made. I've been testing out a few little ideas through this project and continuing to learn more about the graphics programs I've been using. The release of the game will likely come in a few weeks, though I can't be precise.

To close, I'll give you a couple of sneak peeks at images from the game; first one of mine and then one of Phinn's.

This is one of mine - an image of the new design for Akemi in the library.

Kyoko at the pool, by Phinn. This particular image doesn't actually appear in the game, although a similar alternative does.


  1. Those first two pics are pure uncanny valley, and their terrifying eyes stare right into my soul.

    The second two are better, though... eh, I guess the art in PAF grew on me, I'll reserve judgement. They *did* get cut, after all.

    Sorry that you don't really enjoy this project anymore. Hope the next one is more fun for you.

    1. On the uncanny valley, I think mixing the anime style and 3D modeling can cause problems for some.

    2. The funny thing is, I've always found that the 3D models that try to be more realistic (in stuff like Daz and Poser, at least) are more likely to come off as uncanny valley material.

      In this case, like I said, those are just demonstrations of model designs, and are not final pictures. I'm taking the picture down now, because it's just causing too much distraction.

  2. Ouch! But yes, the comparison shot is really only to demonstrate contrasting character models. The latter two images are better examples of what the in-game pictures look like.

  3. I thought Kyoko had bigger tits than that.

  4. I think in the finnished model she does :D nothing like Megumi of course

    I think Ben was just trying to get a bit of a peep out there with the pics just to show different methods, don't take pre-release stuff to seriously tho


  5. Ok so I'm having a very hard time. I have done everything I can possibly think of to do and I cannot get anywhere with mikae Kyoko or megumi. I cannot give them any gifts. Please someone tell me what I have to do. I have been playing for over a week and have tried everything. Please help. It's Driving me insane

    1. Gifts are the right answer - each of them needs something specific, as well as a combination of stats (it's not too complicated, they'll hint at which stats they like). A little hint: all the gift items are available at Hiroshi's store, and are the same price.