Thursday, 1 May 2014

This month in AIF (April 2014)

April is over (in my part of the world at least) and it was another quiet month for the AIF community, with no games being released. That's not to say that there's been no activity, as to my knowledge there are at least four games currently in testing. However, I'd counsel caution to anyone hoping for a deluge of games in May. Beta testing always takes longer than you think (at least if it's done right), and real life has a way of intervening.

We're also heading into what used to be Minicomp season, although the Minicomp has been held later and later in recent years. No official announcement has yet been made, but if you were intending to enter the Minicomp this year, now would be an excellent time to start work on your entry (if you haven't already).

Elsewhere in the wider world of AIF, over at Shark's Lagoon BobbyTally has released a demo of Room 112, a dating game that he's developing. Unlike most dating games, rather than being predominantly HTML, it's written in JavaScript. Graphically it's quite impressive, although I'm not sure how many university students dress up in a halter top and tie for a study session. English isn't the author's first language so some of the writing is a bit wonky, but if that doesn't bother you I'd encourage you to check it out ( and give BobbyTally your feedback.

Did anything AIF-related happen in April that we've missed? If so, leave a comment below.

If you have something to say that won't fit in a comment box (or two), why not email and ask for author access?


  1. Which games are in testing now?

    Also, over at TFGamessite, a very promising game surfaced during April. "Booth Babe" by Karen, It has very well fleshed out characters, and a wide range of reactions from NPC depending on how you choose to interact with them. It is still in an unfinished beta state, but it does reach a natural stopping point rather than just abruptly end like most beta games. As it is from TFGamessite, it deals with transformation themes, which may not be everyone's cup of tea.

    1. Thanks for the TFGamessite news.

      "Which games are in testing now?"

      Two of them have since been released: Magician's Nephew by Mister Flibble and Emily: Sister Attraction by Palmer. The others I'm aware of are Super Pervert Action Crisis by BBBen, and Brad's Erotic Week by Wolfschadowe (which I would consider AIF, but YMMV).

  2. How far does the Room 112 go thus far? I keep reaching endings where it says: "if only you acted differently... etc etc", but I don't know if those other paths are actually in yet or not.

    1. As far as I'm aware there are just a couple of masturbation scenes. The possibility of a lesbian scene is teased, but not implemented.

      Have a look in the img directory to confirm what you have and haven't seen.