Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May Open Thread: Hottest Sex Scenes

I am a little behind on the open thread summaries and posts I usually write, but while I was reviewing last month's open thread a question/survey/list came to mind: what is the hottest sex scene(s) you've ever played?

There are a lot of lists out there for best game and even best sex in game, but I want to focus on best scene, not the entire game (I suspect that this has been done before, but I am unaware of when). I'm not looking for technical merit or innovation, simply what sex scenes have you played that had the most impact on you (could be scene hit a particular fetish, was well written, or for an unknown reason it was just hot).

Feel free to give your top pick or a list, explanations or not, totally up to you, not asking for a formal 'vote' on best ever, just your personal take.


  1. The pool sex with Cara in Chris Cole's Pool Party. She wasn't even close to the most attractive character in game, but there's something about that scene that always made me want more.

  2. In no particular order:

    1. Spin The Bottle (Camping Trip)

    2. Truth or Dare / Orgy Finale (School Dreams 3)

    3. Alison's Locker Room Scene (School Dreams 3)

    4. Girls' Bathroom 3-Way (Prom Night)

    5. The Climactic Scene w/Silvers (Meteor)

    6. Photographing Kim / Seducing Kim (Meteor)

    7. The Monastery Ritual (GoP II)

    8. Mildew Saggins (GoP II)

    9. Lara Imprisoned (The Sun Obelisk)

    10. Locker Room w/Rowena (Tesliss Equation)

    And I'm sure there's plenty I'm forgetting.

  3. I'd like to start by saying I'm sure there will be some amending to this list. I didn't try and remember every game I ever played so there is some obvious bias to games I've played recently or have been discussed. I expect/hope as other people put up their list I will improve mine as I'm reminded of great AIF scenes.

    11: Crossworlds Part 1 by BBBen, Player/Lin Bakery: The idea for this post came from BBBen mentioning this in the last open thread. Whenever I think of CW1, this is the scene that stands out to me. Not sure why, maybe because of the different setting, but I loved this scene.

    10: A Dog's Life, by Gary Plume: This was certainly a different perspective and it had a great build and a lot of options.

    9: Gamma Gals by Christopher Cole, Laurie Voyeur: A really short scene, but one I found great. I had a really easy time picturing this when I first came across the event.

    8: School Dreams 2 by Goblin Boy, Gym Tape: SD2 presented some outlandish sexual encounters, the tape of the gym orgy being one of the craziest, but also very enjoyable.

    7: X-Men: First Day at the Institute, Player/Jubilee: No actual sex, but great build, and I loved the description of the different outfits.

    6: Pervert Action Crisis by BBBen, Misato/Player: A little repetitive with Misato continually repeating the role playing 'rape' accusation. but overall a great scene.

    5: Crossworlds Part 0 by BBBen, Lin/Debby/Janey: A great example of fantasized sexual exploration and discovery.

    4: Meteor by Goblin Boy, Player/Kim: I thought Kim was the hottest character in the game, sneaking around behind the girlfriend's back made it better, and the use of the camera made it outstanding.

    3: Crossworlds Part 4 by BBBen, Player/Lin Shower: I love the CW series, but part 4 is my least favorite, though the opening was great. I remember thinking the dialogue of the shower scene was fantastic.

    2: School Dreams 3, Player/Molly/Becky: This scene probably says a lot about what I look for in an AIF; end up with the one true love? Start a relationship? Or have one crazy sex filled blow out that might destroy all other relationships? I'll take the last option.

    1: Crossworlds Part 0 by BBBen, Lin/Debbie/Janey/Player: Three girls, one guy, what seems like endless possibilities (but is probably roughly a dozen or so from what I remember), this is in my opinion the hottest scene ever written in AIF.

  4. PC/Claire (Sex Artist)
    -This has pretty much everything I look for in a scene: an attractive and dynamic female lead in Claire (who would also get my vote for best female character in AIF history), lots of build up (pretty much the entire game in fact), great writing, plus a few gimmicks to make the scene itself more interesting in a mechanical sense

    Honorable Mentions

    PC/Helen (Meteor)
    -I've always had a fondness for this scene because it does something so simple that it's hard to believe that more games haven't done it: talking to Helen about what she likes allows the PC to increase her enjoyment. It also potentially has other effects, if Helen leaves her 'mark' on the PC.

    PC/Becky/Molly/Mike/Gary (SD3)
    -It's not so much the scene itself that I find memorable (although it is pretty good), but the ending. Being very much on Team Becky I consider her FU to Molly and the PC to be her crowning moment of awesomeness, and it goes a long way to redeeming her as being more than the lovesick doormat that she was for the rest of the game.

    PC (Jenny)/Jesse (Rough Landing 2)
    -I can't really put my finger I why I enjoyed this scene as much as I did. Being a RAGS game there's no real interaction. There's not a great deal of build up either, although the scene is a callback to Jenny and Jesse's encounter in RL1. Despite that, and the fact that it's been three years since I last played RL2, it was one of the first scenes that came to mind.

  5. - The sole scene in 'HORSE' is pretty special.

  6. I could list a few that haven't been mentioned that were significant to me:

    1. The sex scene in Chris Cole's Encounter 2 was an inspiration for the foursome in CW0.

    2. Encounter 1 was also really great.

    3. The sex scene in Last Minute Gift by A. Bomire is a classic - I've never quite figured out the key ingredient that makes it work so well, either.

    4. A number of scenes from Sam Shooter by One-Eyed Jack, but I'll specifically choose the one in the doctor's office with the girl who doesn't realise Sam isn't a doctor, just for the comedy and audacity of the concept.

  7. There are a few, but if I had to order them..

    #1: The younger daughter in Rogue Cop. Here you are with a super fucked up family, the object of your (now dead) brother's obsession, and her dad's corpse is still cooling downstairs. The sheer absurdity of it made it stick with me, despite me being squicked out.

    #2: GGW Contestant from Reunion. A bit silly, but she does forgive you and she seems like such a free spirit compared to everyone else who is coming with all kinds of ridiculous baggage.

    #3: All of Ayane (The singer, I believe) from Pervert Action Future. Whoever the hell BBBen got to do her voice was absolutely amazing at it. Her character design also rocked, and how wild she got at the thought of being filmed was a turn on for me.

  8. My most memorable scene, or rather scene sequence more accurately, is actually one where the PC got no control about the sex in the scene itself - the dungeon scene sequence after British Fox had been captured in "British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions" by Lucilla Frost. Here the sex is 'merely' accompanying the actual 'action', which is to figure out how to escape the dungeon. This is inventive and works very well from my point of view. Of course it helps that Lucilla's writing is very well done - I miss Lucilla in the AIF scene certainly.

    Another favorite scene of mine is from another Lucilla game, the sequel "British Fox and the National Conspiracy". When British Fox is caught and strapped onto the chair and has to figure out how to escape with a mind controlled Rose. Lucilla said that "Mind Control" is not something she prefers personally, but nevertheless she used the concept in this game and I quite liked how this scene works in this context.

    I see a trend ... somehow I like 'passive' PCs it seems ...

    Last but not least I am mentioning a scene in a Goblin Boy game, the grand finale scene in "School Dreams 3: School Dreams Forever", where the PC ends up with different setups depending on the story choices. The scene is a great completion of the whole story and as Goblin Boy always managed to get even the most ambitious projects completed in a marvelous quality, it worked really well and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Again, Goblin Boy, another writer I horribly miss.

    There are many, many more scenes from many authors I could list, but I will just leave it with those three mentioned ones for now.

  9. No mention of Fever Cabin?? It's been a lot of years but if memory serves correctly, the final threesome was pretty unbelievable.

    NB Sweet little Naomi's quick scene in Camp Windy Lake just does something crazy to me.


  10. Fever Cabin's final scene is the hottest ever. You can literally do everything with these women, the list just goes on and on, and they're completely ok with it. Totally loved it. I also liked the way that you had to unlock the "puzzle"of Kim doing anal, making you work for it a bit. I love that.

  11. 1) The entirety of the main "Winter Break" scene.

    2) The solo encounter between Sam & Laurie in "Sam Shooter II: Through the Dimensional Rift." And really, any scene involving Myriam Fireloins would come a close second.

    3) The Laurie/Fury scene in "Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned".

    4) The PC/Sydney Moon encounter in "Mount Voluptuous" (specifically because it's almost unique among AIF scenes...not in what the PC can do, but in how he can do it), though I don't share Chris Cole's obsession with watermelons.

    5) The "British Fox: Celebrity Abductions" dungeon scenes, though again I don't really like some of the tone in the scene; it's so well done, though.

    6) The PC and the doctor (I'm blanking on her name) in "Last Horizon"...less the full scene than the teasing that goes on in the medical bay.