Thursday, 17 July 2014

AIF Minicomp 2014 is now live!

Reposted from aifarchive:

Sorry about the delay folks, been busy like usual.  Well, when all was said and done there were 8 entries this year and here they are (in alphabetical order):

- Amy the Slut by Lost Trout (Twine)
- Dinner Plans by AOneHitWonder (Adrift)
- Friday Afternoon by Shannon O'Donnelly (Twine)
- Fucking Monster Bash by Hanon Ondricek (Inform7/Glulxe)
- Lark Rise by Dr. Realgood (TADS)
- One Last Pay Day by Louys Bilitis (TADS)
- Slim Spady Detective - The Case of the Missing Box by nowherecity24 (Twine)
- The Snowstorm by Anna Nee Moss (Twine)

You can download the games here:

The voting will start in a couple of days.  I wanted to have it ready when I released the games, but I don't have it done yet and I didn't want to make you all wait any longer.  I was expecting 3 or 4 games so I had planned on just doing the voting in a poll like last year.  But with 8 games it seems like we should do a full round of voting.  I'll let you know when it's ready.  It should only be a couple of days so that should give you all time to play through them all.  When it's ready you can vote here:

Thanks to all the authors who submitted games and to everyone who downloads them and votes.

Okay, that's it, go play them.  Go...go...


  1. I do wonder that with twine games being outside of the rules regarding the room limit that maybe the whole idea of limiting rooms should be dropped across the board?

    Its not really the rooms that make the game bigger, honestly to many rooms can be a turn off anyhow. The limit on characters has a much bigger effect on the scale.... in my opinion.

  2. Wow thats a lot of games this year.

    1. Looks like we have Twine to thank for that.

  3. Just a few things I want to say after voting:
    Most of these games were already really good and felt complete (especially "Dinner Plans" and "The Snowstorm"), which came as a big surprise to me (and while I'm not exactly active on any AIF-related site, I think I've played just about any AIF game in the range between the "must play"s and what people would consider "above average"), so kudos to the authors for that.

    I'm really, really hoping to see a "full" version of "Amy the Slut" and "Friday Afternoon" in particular.
    "Amy the Slut" has a damn good system behind it that is (I assume for the purpose of demonstration in the minicomp?) extremely easy to "cheat" but it looks like it could be an instant classic if it was expanded to a full corruption game with some difficulty to it, more content (sex and otherwise) and expanded scenes (what was there was good, I just would have liked for there to be more of it).

    "Friday Afternoon", on the other hand, was hard to cheat. ^^ I found it ball-crushingly hard because it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me which line belonged in which category. I ended up reading the source code to figure out what I had to do and I believe that making it more obvious (by adding indications like "wild +1 to the different options and tracking your points somewhere on the UI) would have increased my upfront enjoyment immensely. Generally speaking, though, I thought the scenes were among the best-written in the minicomp; there was a lot of exposition for characters that didn't have any facetime and I felt kinda cheated by that instant-failure option before the final scene but, overall, I'd love to see more of this game.

    Obviously, if any other authors want to expand their games, I'm all for it. But the others either did so much right that I didn't feel like I had to comment on that or so much wrong that I didn't want to single them out.