Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July Open Thread: Fetishes and Kinks

Note on Open Threads: This might be the last monthly thread I post here as there seems to be a general desire to move away from the blog format to reddit. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it going over there or not as this is the last of the original ideas for threads I had. I could probably come up with some more if people have enjoyed the monthly topics.

Topic: Sex in AIF? What fetishes, kinks, and situations do we need more of? There have been some discussions on how to write sex scenes, how much build up there should be, etc., but what I’m looking for here is when a sex scene happens what type of content do you want to see in that scene?

I’ve constructed a list based off story tags used by asstr and adultfanfic; if there is something I didn’t mention that you want to call attention to please do. I’m leaving out the more obscure concepts and things that are fairly universal (oral, regular intercourse, etc).

Dirty Talk (heavy use of dialogue, usually featuring profanity, can sometimes be construed as derogatory, i.e. slut/bitch/cunt)
Exhibitionism (scenes of public sex)
FemDom (female in control of the sex scene)
Gangbang (males greatly outnumber females in a sex scene)
Lolita (characters who may or may not be underage, but do not appear fully developed)
Male-Dom (male is firmly in control, may be referred to with a superior title: i.e. master)
Masturbation (for scenes of females self-pleasuring)
Mind Control
Orgy (scene of multiple males and females having sex simultaneously)
Pegging (female using a strapon or other implement to fuck a male)
Rough Sex (sexual scenes that involve more 'painful' activities, such as slapping, biting, being slammed against a wall, etc.)
Virgin (first time sex for female)

I’m going to use a 1-5 scale for my own opinions with some comments:
5: It would be great if every AIF game had this
4: Really good, strongly encourage to put it in.
3: Okay, don’t need it, but not opposed.
2: I’d skip a scene with this material
1: Ugh, I don’t even want to think about this

As usual, feel free to use my form or your own if you wish. This is all about personal taste, what do you like?


  1. Anal: 4, while I like the scenes, I’m somewhat surprised that this seems to be the fetish that carries over to basically all AIF games. I suppose it is so prevalent because it allows for an ‘ultimate goal’ for a player to achieve with a lust target.

    Bestiality: 3.5

    Bondage: 2

    Dirty Talk: 4.5

    Exhibitionism: 3

    Feet: 2

    FemDom: 4, though it isn’t the kind of thing that really gets mixed in well with other sex actions. I had this in my Buffy mini-comp as a route and not sure how many people even played it. I can’t think of many other AIF examples that have such scenes.

    Gangbang: 3.5, this is rather rare in AIF as it doesn’t really work with the sole protagonist nature of the genre.

    Incest: 3, this is a big deal to some people, either good or bad, but I could take it or leave it.

    Lesbianism: 5, I’d be fine if every game with more than one female character had scenes of them having sex with each other.

    Lolita: 4, I think Goblinboy had the best ‘Lolita’ character in Meteor.

    Male-Dom: 2.5, while I don’t mind the male being the center of sexual action, and by the nature of AIF the controller, no desire for it to seem like the female is calling him master and following his every whim.

    Masturbation: 4.5, I pretty much always try and get female NPCs to touch themselves and am surprised when a game doesn’t allow it.

    Mind Control. 3.5, I know this doesn’t really jive with my opinion on Male-Dom, but as a story hook I think this works really well.

    Non-Con: 2.5-4, I have to assign a range to this because the topic is pretty broad (I wrote the topics, but couldn’t think of a good way to narrow it down). I have no desire to see a game where the player’s only option is non-consensual, but when it is an option of multiple paths it can be nice to go on the ‘darker side’. There is also a difference between sleep sex and throw an NPC down on the ground (I should add that I’m only talking about perception within the game, both are still obviously non-consensual).

    Orgy: 4

    Pegging: 4, I think my Buffy game is the only one that ever had this, though I know some games you could type similar commands and usually get a comment around ‘I/You/He is not into that’.

    Rough Sex: 3.5

    Sadomasochism: 1.5

    Spanking: 3.5, I don’t think this needs to be in every scene, but there are some moments/characters where this is just perfect.

    Threesome+: 5, I prefer male/harem stories for fantasy.

    Virgin: 2.5, never really felt that it being the girl’s ‘first time’ made it anymore erotic.

    Watersports: 1.5

  2. "as there seems to be a general desire to move away from the blog format to reddit"

    Just to clarify, there is no intention (on my part at least) that reddit should replace this blog. I think there's room for both, since they do different things.

    I would like to see reddit replace the Yahoo! group, but that doesn't show much sign of happening yet.

  3. It's hard to say. My feeling is that people should probably write games featuring their own fetishes, no matter what they are, and the AIF community not splinter into different sub-communities for each little fetish. That would be my wish.

    Anal:3, though I don't think I've played an AIF game without anal.
    Bestiality: 2
    Bondage: 2
    Dirty talk: 5. In general, dialogue during sex scenes is a big plus.
    Exhibitionism: 4. I really like public sex.
    Feet: 3
    Femdom: 4. I like femdom, but I don't think it works too well in AIF.
    Gangbang: 3. Kinda depends.
    Lesbianism: 5. Yes please.
    Lolita: 1-3. It depends on the character, really. If it's a character that just looks young I'm ok with it, but I generally avoid it
    Maledom: 3.
    Masturbation: 4.
    Mind control: 1. I don't enjoy mind control stories at all.
    Non-Con: 2. It depends, again.
    Orgy: 4.
    Pegging: 4.
    Rough Sex: 3.
    Sadomasochism: 1-3. Depends on the intensity.
    Spanking: 3.
    Threesome: 4.
    Virgin: 3.
    Watersports: 1-3. 1 if brown, 3 if yellow.

    1. To clarify: I'm not saying people should write AIF based solely on what is most popular or that an author should avoid a fetish that they really want to write. However, I suspect many authors have opinions that fall into the '3-4' categories of like it, but not essential. At that point I think it makes sense for the author to go 'of all of these actions that I am okay writing, what are other people's thoughts?'

  4. Anal - 5 (AIF without anal these days just strikes me as oddly prudish)
    Bestiality - 1.5 (Just ew. *So* not a furry.)
    Bondage - 4
    Dirty Talk - 3
    Exhibitionism - 4
    Feet - 3 (does nothing at all for me, but it doesn't squick me either)
    FemDom - 4
    Gangbang - 4
    Incest - 4
    Lesbianism - 5
    Lolita - 4
    Male-Dom - 4
    Masturbation - 5
    Mind Control - 4 (really a 5, but I understand that not EVERY game should be MC)
    Non-Con - 4
    Orgy - 4
    Pegging - 4 (it seems men in AIF almost never have asses)
    Rough Sex - 4
    Sadomasochism - 4
    Spanking - 5 (you have to at least ALLOW spanking)
    Threesome+ - 4
    Virgin - 4
    Watersports - 3

  5. Honestly for me the topic matter doesn't matter. A good author can make a Tax audit sexy I think so that's what it comes down to for me.

    Some authors have proven that unconventional subject matter can be arousing,

    A dog's life by Gary Plume comes to mind for that. Ask me if I'm into bestiality and Ill give you a FIRM NOPE. But the author managed to make the subject sexy and fun.

    1. You bring up an interesting point and one that I've come across in the past but forgot to consider for this post. I've seen some people give comments like 'I don't like X, but you made it really hot'. On the other hand, there are authors I really like, who occasionally stray into matters I'm not into, and even though I like their writing in general, I can't read those parts.

  6. Anal 4

    Bestiality 1
    I really cannot imagine ever being turned on by it, there was a minicomp game about a dog (i think it even won) it could of been the best game ever but i was never gonna get excited by it.

    Bondage 3

    Dirty Talk 3
    The derogatory, stuff... id rather not have.

    Exhibitionism 4
    Public sex is good, so is a women purposely exposing her self... Sharon Stone in basic instinct type stuff.

    Feet 3

    FemDom 3

    Gangbang 5
    It wouldn't of been high on my list if it wasn't for goblinboy, but i really like it now.

    Incest 5
    The Taboo always adds something for me, it can make even average games more titillating.

    Lesbianism 3

    Lolita 2

    Male-Dom 2

    Masturbation 3

    Mind Control 3

    Non-Con 2
    Can't stand it honestly, any game that forces you to do it... i stop playing right there, optional... sure, i will just avoid it.

    Orgy 5

    Pegging 3

    Rough Sex 3
    If its consensual, im totally fine with it.

    Sadomasochism 2

    Spanking 3

    Threesome+ 4

    Virgin 3

    Watersports 2

    I did not rate anything 1, since i don't really mind anything being in the game... as long as its optional. If it's not optional, i don't object to the game in anyway... i just won't be playing it.

  7. Alright then, using your setup:

    Anal: 3,, It's not at all important to me one way or another. It is nice when a game that doesn't include anal uses unique text to give some flavour to why it isn't available instead of "you can't do that!".

    Bestiality: 3, again, not bothered. I might actually like to see someone try and implement this though if only because that would probably be one hell of a unique game.

    Bondage: 1, not a bondage fan at all.

    Dirty Talk: 1 for abusive; 4 for flavour text, dirty talk is a no-brainer if used naturally as the back and forth conversation as two people fucking. The hardcore abusive stuff feels unnatural and forced. Nobody wants to play a Facial Abuse text game.

    Exhibitionism: 4, Love it. Especially great when there is some kind of interaction with other characters going on at the same time.

    Feet: 3, I'm not a fan, but it'd be good to include for variety and freedom.

    FemDom: 3, not bothered one way or the other.

    Gangbang (males greatly outnumber females in a sex scene): 2, depend entirely on context, but it's awkward and seems unwieldy. I've never played one I liked and it isn't something I'm into.

    Incest: 5, my personal kink. It works every time (unless you're Vachon).

    Lesbianism: 4, a really nice change of pace and sexy as fuck. Something I always like seeing more of.

    Lolita: 5, Not too young, obviously, but there's something compelling about youth and young love and young lust. Give me some high school aged characters and I'm happy.

    Male-Dom: 3, Not bothered either way.

    Masturbation: 5, great flavour text for males and always great for females.

    Mind Control: 5, another personal kink, but entirely dependent on genre.

    Non-Con: 5, for a variety of reasons. Sleep sex and reluctant arouse-them-into-it sex are always great. I loved the way Goblin Boy would let you do awful things to the characters, but then immediately punish you, end the game, and tell you what an awful person you are. More games should allow this kind of illusion of freedom.

    Orgy: 3, I've never been a fan of these, but when done well they can be alright.

    Pegging: 2, I don;t see the appeal at all. Generally I like the focus to be on the pursued character.

    Rough Sex: 5 if noncon, 3 if otherwise. If it's non consensual then writer's shouldn't be pussies about it. In all other cases it isn't something I care about one way or another.

    Sadomasochism: 1, not a fan at all.

    Spanking: 2

    Virgin: 4, always fun. If done well there's a lot more potential for interesting expression and character development.

    Watersports: 1, Nopenopenope

  8. If a particular fetish is not listed, but we feel it deserves mention, should we add it at all? If so, should it be added alphabetically, or segregated from the ones you provide?

    1. Feel free to mention it. You can put it where ever you wish, but alphabetically makes the most choice I think. Actually, I'm surprised how much people stayed to my set up.

  9. I'm largely repeating what others have said, but as an author I think you're best off concentrating on what you're most into (and are therefore best able to write about). Audiences can say whether or not they're into something in general, but they can't say whether or not they're into your take on it. You may alienate some potential players with your content choices, but that's true of virtually every design decision you're going to make so it's not really worth worrying too much about (but if you're really worried, you can just make it optional).

    The other thing I'd add is that human sexuality is pretty diverse and even a list like yours misses out a few prominent kinks (off the top of my head: transgender, interracial, cuckolding, cross-dressing), so whatever content you choose is going to have some sort of audience.

    1. I'm sure there are a ton of things I am missing. I considered interracial, but I actually thought back to the issue that (I think) we discussed about whether race should even be mentioned.

      The others were possibilities, but I did try and cut the list down, though it almost certainly reflects both my interests and disinterests.

  10. Writers should never feel forced to put in something that they are not comfortable with just because it's "expected".
    Likewise anything that the reader might find distasteful should be OPTIONAL.
    It should not gain points and it should not be required to win the game.

    Anal - 1
    Bestiality - 3
    Bondage - 3
    Dirty Talk - 3
    Exhibitionism - 5
    Feet - 3
    FemDom - 3
    Gangbang - 4
    Incest - 3
    Lesbianism - 3
    Lolita - 3
    Male-Dom - 3
    Masturbation - 3
    Mind Control - 3
    Non-Con - 3
    Orgy - 4
    Pegging - 1
    Rough Sex - 2
    Sadomasochism - 2
    Spanking - 2
    Threesome+ - 4
    Virgin - 5
    Watersports - 1

  11. "Likewise anything that the reader might find distasteful should be OPTIONAL.
    It should not gain points and it should not be required to win the game."

    I dont think it should have to be optional... as long as the author is upfront about what is game is going to be about...

  12. Not to beat the horse too badly, but as others have said I think it should be up to the author. As this is all for-fun as opposed to for-profit, there isn't a need to try and please the majority. If they like writing it, then it can have whatever kind of (sick) stuff they want in it.

    If you just want my opinion as to what I like, well it depends. I can really handle about anything, though some things gross me out (like scat), some I don't care for (degradation/slaving sorts of stuff), and others I can do with or without, but it isn't a kink of mine (incest/loli).

  13. I am very much of the consensus opinion that authors should write to their own kinks. Scenes are always better that way.

    Anal - 4, maybe 3. For me, personally, it's 5, but I don't need it as long as its absence is explained, rather than just elided or "you can't do that"-ed away.

    Bestiality - I'm going to decline giving this a number. I never did play "A Dog's Life" because of this, and I loathe the dog scenes in GB's games. On the other hand, I thought his centaur scene in GoP was utterly brilliant, even though I'm still not in love with the subject matter. Obviously, this was a fetish for both of them, and for me -- as someone for whom this is not a fetish -- it was all about execution.

    Bondage - 5, mostly because I don't think it's hard to write or code (unless the bondage is part of the command list) and I'm always surprised by its absence.

    Dirty Talk (heavy use of dialogue, usually featuring profanity, can sometimes be construed as derogatory, i.e. slut/bitch/cunt) - I don't care.

    Exhibitionism (scenes of public sex) - 4, and I think GB did it just about as well as anyone, in all the SD3 scenes involving public sex.

    Feet - don't care.

    FemDom (female in control of the sex scene) - 5, less because it's my kink than because I don't think there's enough of it, and BDSM deserves a place in AIF.

    Gangbang (males greatly outnumber females in a sex scene) - 3. I enjoy it when done well, but it's a coding nightmare.

    Incest - 4, with hesitation, because I think a lot of it is creepy and arbitrary. Give me a reason.

    Lesbianism - 3, unless it's not just male-gaze lesbianism. In which case, 5.

    Lolita (characters who may or may not be underage, but do not appear fully developed) - 2, but 5 if it's executed extremely carefully. Lily in Sam Shooter, for example. It can get really creepy, really fast.

    Male-Dom (male is firmly in control, may be referred to with a superior title: i.e. master) - 5, because as I've said over and over I think BDSM is strangely absent from AIF.

    Masturbation (for scenes of females self-pleasuring) - 5. Instant sexual agency. Not just a series of parts/holes to play with, but doing for herself. Always.

    Mind Control - 3. I don't care either way.

    Non-Con - 4, not because I want to see it, but because it's so rarely done well. British Fox: done very well.

    Orgy (scene of multiple males and females having sex simultaneously) - No rating, because coding nightmare.

    Pegging (female using a strapon or other implement to fuck a male) - 1 by my lights, but if the scene earns it (Sex Artist), why not?

    Rough Sex (sexual scenes that involve more 'painful' activities, such as slapping, biting, being slammed against a wall, etc.) - 5, and see previous comments re: BDSM.

    Sadomasochism - 5 (again, BDSM lack).

    Spanking - 5, because I think this should always be coded, even if to disallow. It's barely even kink, unless it's a serious walloping.

    Threesome+ - 5, but coding.

    Virgin (first time sex for female) - 3. Less because I don't like it -- I do -- but because it's almost always so arbitrary. I'd rather have an experienced female than a virgin who's up for gang anal within three minutes of touching her first cock.

    Watersports - 4, but again, it's really not my thing. I've long stated that I think there should be more optional bits in scenes, and this is an obvious one. It's only really ever figured significantly in Casting, right? And even then, it was a sort of "secret" option.

    Mostly, I see people shying away from taboos. But whatever leads to more games: good, by my lights.

    -- thundergod

  14. Crossworlds! I always forget there's BDSM in Crossworlds. And well-done, too.

  15. Anal - 3

    Bestiality - 4 - If it's done well, like in the aforementioned centaur scene in GoP3, I'm all for seeing more of it.

    Bondage - 1

    Dirty Talk - 5 - Provided it is used sparingly.

    Exhibitionism - 4 - We need more of this.

    Feet - 1

    FemDom - 1

    Gangbang - 4

    Incest - 4

    Lesbianism - 2

    Lolita - 1

    Male-Dom - 2

    Masturbation - 1

    Mind Control - 1 - I really dislike MC in porn of any kind.

    Non-Con - 3 - I'm on the fence here because it's so tricky to get it right.

    Orgy - 4

    Pegging - 1

    Rough Sex - 4

    Sadomasochism - 1

    Spanking - 4 - I always try this command in games, but I've yet to see it implemented.

    Threesome+ - 4

    Virgin - 2

    Watersports - 1 - Has this ever been done?

    1. You haven't seen spanking in any games? While it is a bit more lacking than I would have originally guessed, there are plenty of games with it. Some give a generic response, but many go to varying degrees with it.

      Often it is nothing more than a slap on the ass and they like it or don't. I've played a couple where its more varied and you can slap/spank most parts for some girls. There have been a handful as well that let you go to the extreme side of spanking - whipping, repeated hits with a paddle/brush, caning, etc. where they get all bruised up or marred.

  16. The most important thing is context. Any kink or fetish can make sense in any game if there is an in-universe justification rather than being included for the sake of it (in which case you end up with a virgin attending an orgy and doing anal and lesbianism straight away).

    The below is more about how much I enjoy reading or writing something in games rather than an encouragement to include them if they weren't already being considered by the author.

    Anal - 3. If it makes sense for the character, then by all means include it, but it is hardly a deal breaker if she refuses (and she has to be the one refusing rather than a "she doesn't look like she wants that")

    Bestiality - 2. I wouldn't skip a scene or game with this in, but I'd rush through to the other side and probably not enjoy it. I would never include it in a game myself.

    Bondage - 4. If only because it is under-used, but again, in context.

    Dirty Talk - 4. I tried to write some, not sure if I got away with it. Probably not. If you are good at it, include it. If not, might be best to avoid.

    Exhibitionism - 4.5. I do enjoy both writing and reading this sort of thing. If you can justify it, I don't see any downsides.

    Feet - 2. Again, I'd not enjoy it and would try to persevere if it was a one off scene in a game.

    FemDom - 4. Doesn't have to be aggressive, nothing wrong with a bit of roleplay. Equality ftw.

    Gangbang - 4. If only because it takes so much effort (see orgies), kudos if you do attempt it.

    Incest - 3. That's not to say I don't get a lot of enjoyment from such games, but you shouldn't never include it on a whim or just to please an audience. If you are going to include incest, don't chicken out and make her not actually related to you.

    Lesbianism - 4. It's in so many games that I don't even consider it a kink or a fetish. No problems with including it, if you want a character to experiment, or even be full-blown gay. That's something we need more of.

    Lolita - 3. Easy to use as an excuse and a cop-out to include an actually underage character without explicitly saying so.

    Male-Dom - 2. If it's as part of roleplay, I don't mind it, but it can easily fall to the side of non-consensual.

    Masturbation - 5. Unless your character really doesn't want to do it, go for it, as well as male masturbation. Another that I wouldn't class as a fetish or kink anyway. Pretty much a staple of the genre now.

    Mind Control - 1. There's probably many good examples of this, but I'm not inclined to play them. Skirts too close to non-consensual for my tastes.

    Non-Con - 1. About the only thing I won't play (or ever write) is genuine non-consensual, i.e. actual rape. If it is important to your story, don't be afraid to include it, but know the audience is really small, and give warnings from the start.

    Orgy - 3. Really tough to code, so never feel pressured to include them.

    Pegging - 3. As a curio in a game, I'd give it a chance. Needs to be optional, obviously, though that also applies to a lot of others.

    Rough Sex - 3. If you can justify it, and is utilized by both participants, then it can add something to a scene.

    Sadomasochism - 2. I see it so rarely in games, I don't really know how I feel about playing it. If it is consensual, then... maybe?

    Spanking - 3. Can be a nice diversion, and is still kinky enough to be original.

    Threesome+ - 3. See groupsex and orgies. Adds variety and spice to a game with multiple scenes, but only if you want to include it. Shouldn't be mandatory.

    Virgin - 4. Yes, it's overplayed and in every game, but for a good reason. Audiences like it a lot. You'd probably gain more than you'd lose.

    Watersports - 2.5. On the fence with this. There was a mini-comp game a few years back (Flexibility) that I actually enjoyed more than it had any right to do so.

    Again, context is key. If it makes sense for the character to act in a certain way, most audiences will trust your judgement. If you want to write it, write it.

  17. I'm late to the party here, take a month or two off from AIF and you miss something good. As an author I am always fascinated to know what other people like and don't like in their AIF. As an author, yes I've included my own kinks and likes in my games, but now I'm more looking for the 'norm' of what people want. And I think that norm might be relationship building and a nice mix of different kinks to explore during sex as an option but not required.

    Does anyone else have any comments on relationship building during your AIF games? Like it, leave it? Rate it 1 - 5?

    -- Blue Satyr

    Oh, why not, here is my list. By filling it out it may help me conceptualize what my own tastes are versus the others here.

    Anal = 5
    Bestiality = 0
    Bondage = 4
    Dirty Talk = 4
    Exhibitionism = 3
    Feet = 4
    FemDom = 4
    Gangbang = 2
    Incest = 2
    Lesbianism = 4
    Lolita = 0 (I wish AIF would cut this underage stuff completely out.)
    Male-Dom = 3
    Masturbation = 3
    Mind Control = 2
    Non-Con = 3
    Orgy = 3 (this is very hard for an author to pull off, especially if you want it too be very interactive)
    Pegging = 2
    Rough Sex = 5
    Sadomasochism = 4
    Spanking = 5
    Threesome+ = 4
    Virgin = 3
    Watersports = 2

  18. I'd be interested in people's opinions on relationship building as well. I'd say anonymous sex, cheating/cuckold, impregnation and monster sex might be good added categories as well. Bestiality sort of implies more animals than fantastical creatures (like the aforementioned centaur) to me.


    Anal = 3. Not a huge fan of writing it but it is a staple of sorts I feel.

    Anonymous = 4. Not something for every game, but I do like the idea as being a bit more common. This could be sex with strangers or sex with people the character knows, but in a situation where they can't tell who they are with (such as in a dark room)

    Bestiality = 3. Not really for, not really against.

    Bondage = 3

    Cheating/Cuckold = 4. I love the potential for cheating in a game, particularly given that the main (often male) character tends to sleep around in most games and any female character tends to just wait for him to finish.

    Dirty Talk = 3 to 5. As someone who views their dialog as a bit weak this is a challenge for me but I like working with it and reading well written scenes with it. I loathe when it seems like every talk is the same though, particularly if every scene ends up with a dominant partner just verbally abusing someone.

    Exhibitionism = 4. Nice to see every once in a while. Pun intended.

    Feet = 1. I'll leave those for Tarantino.

    FemDom = 4. Good to see occasionally.

    Gangbang = 4. I like seeing these as a capstone for a cheating scenario.

    Impregnation =5. I think every game should have a chance of the female partner getting pregnant. I think it adds a certain element of risk, even if it's avoidable, that makes the scenes more interesting. I also like to see reactions based on the possibility (way too many girls in AIF let guys cum inside them without really caring).

    Incest = 3

    Lesbianism = 4. Lesbian and bi-sexual scenarios aren't used too much that I've seen, we could do with more. I'd write more gay scenes but I honestly have a hard time finding it interesting for myself.

    Lolita = 3-4. This is a bit of an odd one as I usually see it used too different ways; characters who are not 18 or to define female characters with less developed bodies. Realistically people have sex before the age of 18, so I sort of feel like that is a reasonable assumption in AIF. I'm also a fan of a variety of body types (there can only be so many DDD cup women in a story before I stop caring) so I'm really okay with either.

    Male-Dom = 3

    Masturbation = 4. Could see some more usage.

    Mind Control = 3

    Monster = 4. Aliens, fantasy monsters, etc. are pretty nice as a change of pace.

    Non-Con = 3 - 5. Depends on how it is written. Personally I really like scenes where a reluctant girl is talked into sex (it's a staple of the cheating scenario, after all).

    Orgy = 3. Oddly enough, I think I prefer gangbangs to orgies.

    Pegging = 1. Just not that into it.

    Relationship = 5. Relationship building and characters are huge for me. The emotional impact of the sex scene can turn something pretty dull into something rather hot for me. One of my goals in The Test and The Rival Live AIF games was to create a girl who wasn't physically hot but still had an element of attraction to her; not sure if people really liked Tiffany as much as I did but it was interesting trying to write it.

    Rough Sex = 3. Not my thing so much, but not bad in moderation.

    Sadomasochism = 2. Not something I'd write and not something I'd seek out.

    Spanking = 3. I'm a bit odd in that the dirty talk means more to me than this.

    Threesome+ = 4. Lots of possibilities here.

    Virgin = 4. Not every girl needs to be a virgin, but I do like having them as an option.

    Watersports = 1. Not something I'm interested in.