Monday, 5 January 2015

Now you can support me on Patreon!

Update: I have achieved my first funding goal! Now I will be improving the graphics quality for games after PAL. My next goal is...

I've got room in the story of Pervert Action: Legacy to add three combination threesome sex scenes - streamlined so they're not crazy big (and therefore too much work to develop) but still interactive. These will be bonus scenes on top of the existing six one-on-one sex scenes in the game, and the other bits of sexual content, and they are still quite a bit of work. I've been trying to work on these anyway, but if this goal is achieved I'll guarantee they'll be in the game, and if you get two women in one run through and they match up correctly, you'll be able to have a threesome!

The original post is below:

Sorry everyone for putting this in the central site, but I need to get the info out there the first time. I'll only do it this once! One other way you could help me is to reblog/share/+1 this post.

Here's my Patreon pledge site!

I have to admit, I've been thinking recently that I'll have to stop writing AIF soon. I don't want to, it's been a really fun pass-time over the years, but it's just so time-consuming! I have work and other real-life time commitments just like everyone else, and even when I'm productive making content takes out a big chunk of my day. This is where Patreon comes in – if I can draw a little bit of money from my AIF work then I could totally justify continuing to work on it into the future. There are also some expenses involved, and hopefully this might cover them.

The lowest level pledges, $1 a month, are basically nothing. You'll never notice it. I mean, it's only $12 in a whole year, right? I've had burritos that cost more than that, and they don't last nearly as long as a good AIF game (or leave me as satisfied). But with a bunch of people giving just little $1, $3 and $5 pledges it would be like an extremely fun, low-paying part time job. (More info below.)


What is Patreon? At first glance it looks a lot like Kickstarter, with the big difference being that with Patreon you don't give a one-time wad of cash but instead you pledge a small amount of money each month. This way it's easy for you to pledge and never costs you much, while I get a steady trickle of income. You pay via credit card (Paypal is not available because my content is adult), and Patreon protects the transaction, first holding the money in escrow. They do not charge you any fees, they just take 5% of my pledges.

Why give to BBBen's Games? Well, for one thing there's not actually all that much left in the way of active AIF creators any more. Those of us that do still work now produce games that are often harder to make than the older ones, with images and other multimedia features taking time, effort and money. Therefore it's become a considerable commitment to make AIF games, and my games are more complicated to develop (using voice acting and other audio) than basically any others. I'm a writer, programmer, director, sound editor and 3D graphics designer all in one. By donating you not only help me out, but you get access to some rewards.

What are the rewards? They are all listed just below! They are mostly all about giving you more involvement in the process. Note that they need to be things that won't take much time or resources on my part, or the whole point of this drive will be lost. Mostly you're helping me out by pledging, but I'll try to help make it a little bit more worth your while.

Will your games still be free? Yes, absolutely. The whole point of Patreon is that it helps me to keep releasing free games, which is what I want to do.

Am I committing to anything? By pledging you are saying you'll pay that amount each month, and it will be charged to you by Patreon, but you are free to cancel any time. There's no binding commitments beyond that.

What if I want to just give a one time pledge? Simple, just pledge the amount you choose and cancel your pledge after the first payment. That does mean you get cut-off from ongoing rewards, but if it's a considerable amount I'd still be willing to loop you in on stuff.


$1: Your donation is really appreciated, and you've warmed my heart! You'll get an optional (tell me if you want to opt in) thank you credit in all game releases.

$3: Even better! You'll get an (optional) thank you credit in my games. Plus you'll get access to archives of in game files from already released games, such as picture collections, audio collections and original .taf files, allowing you to view all in-game content. These will be provided through dropbox or similar. (When new releases come out I'll delay the game file releases by a little while to encourage you to play the new games, but you'll still get the game files after a little while.)

$5: You are making a real difference to my game development, and I'll reward you with all the above rewards, plus more involvement in the process. You'll get access to special monthly patron updates, which will include more work-in-progress material than I normally share, and access to the patron activity feed, where you will be able to discuss with me upcoming games (and existing ones), make suggestions, etc.

$10: You deserve a lot of involvement for the amount you're contributing to the game development. You'll get all the above rewards, plus full access to all beta releases of games. These will obviously be works in progress, but no beta reports will be required of you (unless you want to give me reports, in which case they would be welcome). I reserve the right to still recruit some non-patron beta testers to ensure the quality of the games.

$50 or more: (It's probably a long shot even to ask, but...) Wow! You're very generous, so you'll get all the above rewards, plus the right to make requests for in-game content. I never turn down a good suggestion from players, but normally I have to ignore a lot of ideas for time management purposes. In this case any requests will need to be negotiated, because I need the released games to be what they should be, and I need to make sure that any request is a reasonable time commitment (even $50 only goes so far). But I will make the effort to accommodate what you want and try to make sure you get it. In some cases I might be able to make you a personal special edition of a game in which certain alternate scenes happen, for example, or your idea might just work in the main game. We'll work it out, don't be shy with your requests!


  1. Good luck for this, I can understand like a small income can mean the difference when one has to decide if continue to dedicate so much free time to a passion when the years pass.
    In 3$ you have written 2 times the optional thank you credit.
    I don't know how much success you will have, but I have seen than normally is more easy to gain some patreons months after months that losing the olders.
    It's impossible to predict the outcome, i have seen projects that i thought worthy gain very little and some "normals" surpass the expectations of their creator.
    You surely have a certain fame and one know that he can expect something from you (you won't vanish without ending at least another game) and this is important, you use graphic in your game and event this can be a plus.
    I think all would be more easy if paypal would be a possibility, but a dead body is more acceptable than a nude tit.

    1. Thanks, I've corrected that mistake on the $3 tier.

      Honestly, I don't expect much response, but if people spread the word a little for me it might help. And with Patreon I can let things build over time.

      The Paypal restriction is annoying, yes!

  2. For people that not follow you normally could be a good idea to put a cover image and some lines describing the game you are actually developing, adding the future projects when this finished and a signal the game completed (a completed sign on games done on this page would seem good for future patreons).
    If you have things (like addon for your graphics) that you would buy if you had more money (at the end this isn't a work for you) you could put a milestone signaling this (you don't think to have so success to justify this, but maybe some could appreciate that in eventuality of relative success you would use money for improving future games.

    1. I probably should put some info about Pervert Action Future, you're right. Thinking what kind of goals I should set is tricky, but probably a good idea.

    2. By Pervert Action Future I meant Legacy, of course.

    3. The have written the 50 reward because in the incredible (and you know this) circumstance someone would be so supportive you feel the need to give back something special. Probably if would be possible you would do the same for each contributor, even who donate only 1, because you are grateful for each one that help like can, but naturally this would be impossible. You have years in this community to represent the person that you are.

    4. Lol it has been published only the last part of my post and so it's a bit strange.

  3. In the missing part i have written how now the patreon page was nearly perfect (at the beginning for me was visible that this had been a very recent decision from you), that the rewards were right for what you wanted to do, and i understand the tricky part in the milestone (too low and are things you do in any case (you have already spent money in resource you use in the games), too high and you don't think to have so much support so it seems nearly unrealistic put those), at the end there was the reason because you have put a 50$ reward (at least for my opinion).

    1. Yeah, that's it exactly. The $50 reward is not something I'm really expecting anyone to take, and I didn't put in anything else above $10 because that's about the amount I expect is the maximum most people would want to pledge. I just thought it would be a good idea to have a large option anyway.

      I'd still like to add some goals, I'll just need to think about it, and consider what levels I might set those goals at.

  4. By the way, I now have a goal - upgrading the graphics quality for future games (after PAL). This requires new 3D resources.