Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Erins: 2014

Given the relative success of AIF Hall of Fame 2014, it seemed a shame not to also give the games that were released in 2014 a chance to be honoured as well.

There are two categories:

Game of the Year - What was the best (however you choose to define that) game of 2014? This is open to any complete non-Minicomp game that was first released in 2014.

Best New Author - Who was the best (again, however you choose to define that) author to debut in 2014? This is open to any author who released their first complete game in 2014.

Voting will close 15 February 2015 at 1200 GMT. You can vote here.

The nominees are...

NB. Links to do not go directly to the file.

Game of the Year

Best New Author

  • Anna Nee Moss (Snowstorm*)
  • AOneHitWonder (Dinner Plans*)
  • BrokenKnightX (The Henchman)
  • Cassgames (Circles of Desire)
  • Karrek (Study Date)
  • Louys Bilitis (One Last Pay Day*)
  • Minterlint (Master of the House)
  • Mister Flibble (The Magician’s Nephew)
  • nowherecity24 (Slim Spady Detective*)
  • Palmer (Emily: Sister Attraction)
  • Shannon O’Donnelly (Friday Afternoon*)
  • whsprd (Taking Charge)
 * was an entry in the 2014 AIF MiniComp and can be downloaded from the Inside Erin website.


  1. For the future could be a better idea voting the better 3 in each category ( first 3 points, second 2, third 1). Personally i think it's the better system for having right results. One game the majority of community consider the second best could be more worthy of one one-third of the community thinks a masterpiece and the rest a normal game.

    1. I agree that a preferential system would be good, if it's practical. Are there any voting form/polling services free online? That might be worth investigating.

    2. Preference voting would be my preferred option as well. I'm pretty sure that's how that's how the Erins used to be voted on, so it must be possible to set up something like that. However, it's well beyond my capabilities.

      I've looked at a few free online polls, but most of them are pretty basic. There are a couple that allow you to rank all the options, but that's not as useful as true preference voting where you only rank the options you have an opinion about. You could probably fudge something approximating preference voting, but I'd be worried about keeping it user friendly and producing usable results (especially since the final rankings would have to be manually calculated).

  2. You have done what you could (and a award with a not optimal system is better that not doing anything), I'm only a bit worried that some people worthy won't have the right praise, I'm voted one author and game but another for me is only slightly worse and I'm sorry that i can express this.
    I think also that Goblinboy with 2 games will have a little disadvantage in 2011 award, but frankly he had had so many praises that this isn't a true problem.