Thursday, 26 February 2015

Let's Plays of Arianeb

I recently noticed that one YouTuber was making Let's Play videos of herself playing Dating Ariane.

I've always felt that Dating Ariane was written for the male gaze. Watching a woman play the game definitely reinforces that feeling. Although she is obviously exaggerating her reactions for the sake of humor, it's interesting to see her reactions to behavior that would be considered normal in AIF. The videos also show how hard the game is. The YouTuber is an experienced gamer who plays a lot of dating sims and visual novels, and she can't get anywhere in the game. It might be because she uses the back button a lot though. I don't think Dating Ariane supports the back button properly.

I don't know what this has to do with anything. It's just nice to see reactions to AIF-style games from people outside the community. The player is open-minded about it and she seems to enjoy herself, but I can't help but wince at certain moments.


  1. Good idea, posting this here. I wish AIF lent itself a little more to lets play possibilities, but it wouldn't work too well.

    1. I've seen someone do a let's play of Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis. Yeah it's more graphical, but when you get to the point of guess the verb/interaction it devolves into hours of watching the player go through everything to find the next step. Though I could see it working well for the more graphical games. Though with AIF a Let's Play Podcast might be interesting.

    2. Yeah, but I feel like the player would have to read out all the text in an AIF game, and that would be a really kind of dull let's play, as well as being a pain to record.

    3. That depends largely on the Let's Player. The one in the main post read everything. Not exactly a person of a 1000 voices, but it made things kinda interesting even with the jaded perspective that developed, or maybe because of.

      The other odd thought that popped into my head was Twitch did a pokemon game where people were asked to use chat commands to perform moves. Not sure the specific exactly, but you had thousands of people playing a single player game one move at time. Even ignoring how many walls were run into that might be interesting to do with the right AIF Game if an acceptable forum could be found. "How well do you know Xtrek by Badman?" Pipe dream? Probably, but still kinda funny when you think the number 1 thing we'll do as a hive mind is run into a wall.

  2. Never had any time to look at them, though I'll try to remember and at least glance through it a bit later.

    That said, there are plenty of things I read in AIF that makes me shake my head or cringe a bit myself, and I'm a guy ;)