Saturday, 15 August 2015

Support Palmer and Emily: Homecoming on Patreon

Apologies for taking your time to read something that's not related to a game release, but this is something I'm very excited about, and hence, thought I would share:

You now have the option to actively support the creation of more free and sexy games by heading over to Patreon and pledging a monthly or one-time amount! Patreon provides me with the opportunity to dedicate more time to developing games, as it serves as a potential second income.  Creating games takes a whole lot of time, in fact, more than you can imagine. As you know, I'm pretty busy with university studies and my part time work. I've so far only been able to work during evening and nights, which is often far from productive due to being mentally drained, and to be honest, is getting harder and harder to justify. Patreon provides me with the opportunity to actually quit my part time job and instead devote that time and energy into creating more sexy taboo games. This is something I'm very excited about, and I hope you are to! So if this sounds like something you'd like to support, head over to my Patreon page and pledge an amount! 

Thank you!


  1. I think something needs to be said about the toxic environment that has been brewing on Shark's Lagoon lately. Shark and his staff are making enemies out of any game creator that promotes their work now and they've even begun censoring the board to silence the opinions of lagoon community members that agree with the content creator and disagree with Shark & his staff's secret police tactics.I feel awful for palmer and other creators that have been and will continue to be bum-rushed by the rude and ungrateful staff members of Shark's Lagoon.

    1. I completely agree. It was insane to witness the attack on Palmer by a moderator who did nothing but spew lies and wild accusations. It was perhaps even more crazy to witness what happened to JBGames. The guy posted a link to his game and Patreon site. One user asked if there was incest in the game, to which he replied there wasn't. Then, one of the moderators deletes the link to his game claiming it contained incest, when it obviously didn't. When told from numerous members that removal of the link was completely unjustified the moderator refused to re-instate the link. They then proceeded to make up a fake excuse that it was the Patreon link that was the reason for the link removal, when it was obvious they made a mistake and refused to apologize for that mistake.

      Let's face it, Shark only cares about money. The refusal to allow Patreon links can only be interpreted as if he's afraid of losing subscriptions to his "click-a-million-times-to-find-the-hotspot" games. It's blatantly obvious. Simultaneously, he allows links to sites like LOP that charges for games, while not allowing crowdfunding links to FREE games. It's so hypocritical it's hysterical. Sad development indeed.

  2. Shark ask only not to post direct link on patreon and not advertise too much, because the forum is his and he created for speaking of games not advertising.
    You can always link to one page and there write of patreon, it's not the only forum to do so, he doesn't delete incest post, surely that is a taboo argument so one moderator had some doubts and so began a discussion, but shark asked only to speak of games.
    Jbgames began to post only to advertise a game that won't be free, if you don't support you will have to buy, so it began for incest, but it's not the reason, otherwise they would have deleted all Palmer's threads, because his game are and will be always taboo games, so jbgames is a completely different case.
    The problem is that in Internet begin a flame easily, it's not how when one speaks face to face.

  3. Its actually impossible to write about patreon considering the word is now censored.

    I think the "sexy games" community needs a new forum...

  4. It's not easy and mantain doing a forum with a good community.