Thursday, 3 September 2015

Discovering our roots

I come here every single day, and now I'm absolutely sick and tired of seeing my own post at the top of the page asking you guys to give me money so I can keep making games. 

As a result, I started thinking about something else I could contribute to this wonderful community. Then I remembered someone posting a link to a documentary in the Yahoo group about interactive fiction a few years back. I can't remember who originally posted it, and due to the horrible concept and design of Yahoo, the post was most likely quickly buried by some other thread before it received it's fair share of attention. 

The documentary, directed by Jason Scott, details the history of the main genre that we've all come to love; interactive fiction. It's based on roughly 80 interviews conducted over several years, and primarily focuses on the beginnings of the genre, and the problems authors face when creating these kinds of games. It's perhaps even more interesting for creators of IF, as we can identify with some of the issues faced when creating these games (Oh god, puzzles!), but I definitely think it's worth checking out even if you enjoy any sub-genre of interactive fiction, including adult interactive fiction.

We, (The AIF community), are actually also mentioned as a joke during the Q&A! 

So, without further ado, here it is; Get Lamp.


  1. I did some searching, and as far as I can tell it was originally posted at the AIF Archive on Yahoo by zeiram338899 in August of 2013.

    But thank for bringing up again!

  2. I didn't watch this when it was first brought up as the first few minutes are of the director (Jason Scott) standing in a room with folks, and it just didn't look interesting. But once you actually get into the documentary ... it is really good. I was glad to see some of the giants in the genre (and in the "hobby").

    I found many of the points brought up to be right on target to my own experiences writing games. In my most productive time, one of my beta testers was blind, and until he contacted me I never even thought about how this medium would be both accessible and attractive to that segment of the community.

    I didn't find the mention of the AIF community as much of a joke. He mentioned that the only member of the community to speak on camera was Adam Cadre (who I don't think is the author of the mentioned Stiffy McKane game, but is the author of I-0). As pointed out in the original thread on the AIF Archive, I am also curious who he contacted or attempted to contact. Many of us would probably prefer to remain anonymous, which probably explains the common reaction he received. Many more are not longer contactable given the information available, such as contact points listed in their games.

    All-in-all, I really found it interesting

  3. Hey Palmer if you are tried of seeing your post in which you are begging for money why don't you get off your butt and get a real job

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