Thursday, 3 September 2015

No Sleep Till SNEEZE Comp

Just a reminder that the end of SNEEZE Comp is one month away. The DEADLINE is September 30th. I'm eagerly waiting to see what everyone comes up with!

And so, either one of these statements is true:

1) There has been a flood of incredible, creative, sexy submissions for SNEEZE Comp.

2) There have been none so far.

Assuming statement #1 is true, then surely you don't want to be left out!

Assuming statement #2 is true, anyone who submits anything is sure to win! Glory to you!

Either way, have fun!

Submit entries to [my screen name here]


  1. I doubt there will be many entries. Next time, maybe forget about having a theme.

  2. I remember to have read at least a people that was experementing for partecipate, but I don't think people will send their games before the last 2 weeks.
    The true problem if there would be few or none games could have been minicomp's rivalry, that in truth don't exist, but maybe people waited minicomp for releasing their game, the better thing would have been someone that managed minicomp this year and after a bit of time this comp, but we cannot pretend someone to decide to do that.
    Wannabe in any case is trying to do something new, the effort is to plause whatever the outcome will be.

    1. I agree with you. It's much to early to conclude that there wont be any entries, since I know some people were telling me they were working on something. Needless to say, I'm bummed there's been no minicomp so far and I still volunteer to run the minicomp if PD is busy this year or something.

  3. I'm have a little over 15,000 words written for my entry and hoping to get it finished by the deadline. My main worry (other than it being awful or not getting finished) is that it will come in well above the word count. That wouldn't be bad for the community because I'd still release it obviously, just might miss the comp.

    I agree with Anon above about doing away with the theme. Yes, it is quite clearly optional, but I think it is an option most people will try to fulfill. I spent a few weeks fooling around with a cyberpunk idea before abandoning it and just thinking, 'what's the best short game I can come up with at the moment?'

    1. I mean, I'm definitely not against the idea of getting rid of the theme. I was enamored with the idea of different spins on the same sort of gameplay, I thought it would be inspiring rather than stifling. And much of the response was positive. I think the thing that's really going to decide it for me is the sort of submissions I get. If few or no one does the theme, there's little point in having a theme.

      And of course, you could always submit a partial version of a full game. It's done for the minicomp all the time.

  4. Probably if someone want to do minicomp, and i don't think pd will do this year, the better timing would be shortly after sneeze, because after some games is when a new person want to try also him to create something, and who didn't want to use a CYOA interface isn't tired for the previous competition, but this can only be decided by whom (if there will be) will want to do the minicomp.