Thursday, 10 September 2015

You can now support Palaverous on patreon!

I love how these pitches tend to sound like they’re delivering such good news. “You can give me money now! Weeeeeee~!”

But yes, due to unpleasant meatspace circumstances I will not ruin your afternoon with, I’m finding myself more and more in a situation where I can’t really afford to turn my nose at possible alternative sources of income, especially if it’s for doing something I actually enjoy doing. I have coded and written essentially everything I’ve ever done in the scarce spare time I have between two jobs, and that spare time is getting smaller and smaller as of late. As I do not plan to use 3D modelling tools, at least in the near future, the donations are not for the sake of upgrading any sort of equipment but rather relieving some of the stress and pressure I’m under to help me focus on the games. This stuff takes time to write, but I also need to get into a specific mood and mindset to do that and few things kill that mood like wondering if I shouldn't be worrying about other things instead.

As you can see me repeating on the page itself, I would be extremely grateful if you could spare a buck for a humble storytelling internet hobo over at my patreon page.

Thank you.


  1. Having images is good for patreon because he is more easy to attract patrons, you need a good story, but in some case a good cover can encourage one to try, i think that you can in any case have many several patrons interested in your games, but the problem is to make known the thing, otherwise you will need several months to obtain some numbers.
    Having posted this is a beginning, but you need to do the same at least on yahoo aif archives and subreddit, surely you need to add some words also on your site (not only patreon banner) and add this also on your old game, so that if someone download it now I will see the announcement.
    When you will have something to release it will good to post the game on some forums you think suitable, the shark forums is always good for aif games, but you cannot advertise directly patreon, so a release with a link on your web page and some words on the game is needed.
    More people read of your patreon more possibilities to find patrons you will have.
    Good luck

  2. Some Images can be good for attracting people, like a good cover for a well written book, but I think that you can have several patrons interested in your works, the problem is how those people can know (writing only here is a tiny bit), otherwise you will need several months to have some numbers.
    Surely you have to add some words even in your page (the patreon banner is not sufficient) an add something in your old game (and in the next), so if someone download now he can read that.
    You need also to write at least on subreddit and yahoo aif archive, it would good to post even in some suitable forums, like shark's (where aif games are much present), but in those places you need to wait when you release something (usually one cannot advertise directly so he need to point on his page or have written something in the game).
    Good luck (and not only for this project.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Truthfully, I don’t expect the Patreon to pick up in any significant capacity until I actually have something to release, nor do I feel it’d be right to go around asking for money without something new to offer. Also, I was under the impression that Shark’s site was hostile to authors peddling patron accounts.

      Anyhow, I’ll probably just let this sit there until I ramp up closer to release.

    2. In shark forum you have only to advertise your game when you release a demo or a complete game with a link to your page to download the game.
      There you can write on Patreon, I don't think shark has anything if someone doeas so, if you post only for advertising Patreon this is different, evermore because you aren't a longtime user on his forum.
      Thruthfully once you release something there will be surely someone who will write of this, but if he put only the download link the only way in which you can say of Patreon are ingame credits.

    3. I'm not even allowed to have a signature that vaguely references my Patreon site. I would definitely advise against any kind of mentioning of your Patreon site on Shark's, unfortunately. Best of luck to you man!

  3. Once I have money myself, I'd happily support you on patreon.

  4. Definitely make sure to have a link to your patreon in any new versions of your game(s). Looking at the more successful adult-game patreons, there are a few similarities.

    1. Advertise: You don't need to be pushy (actually you shouldn't be) but you need to make sure that AIF gamers all across the spectrum know about your games and particularly know status updates. One thing that Palmer has been very good about is putting any new information on the various websites so people know stuff is happening.

    2. Prove you're doing something: People supporting a patreon need to see progress to keep themselves involved. The best (IMHO) patreons have frequent updates that have actual content (new images, new text, but most importantly new alpha and betas). This is difficult with text-AIF, where unlike RPGMaker games its difficult to "chapter" a game, but you should probably try to work on making it part of your workflow.

    3. Have clear idea(s): Patreon funders are drawn to specific ideas they're fond of. Any project ideas you have going, you need to expound on them at length. Visual aids, even for non-visual games, that help increase impact are your friend here. Looking at your website you have lots of text explaining your process, but little on The Lost Hound or this upcoming game, or your other ideas. I would suggest expanding on who/what TLH is, any plans you have for it (if any), and a more detailed breakdown of the new game ideas.

    4. Give your patrons input: Most patreons allow at least minor aspects of the projects to be guided by the patrons. You WANT them involved with decision making processes because then they stay connected to the game. Looking over your patreon page, you say you have lots of ideas for games, well why don't you detail these and let your patrons vote and debate on them?

    Good luck Palaverous.