Wednesday, 24 August 2016

AIF Minifest 2016 Final Deadline

This is just a reminder that the final deadline for the AIF Minifest is August 29. I hope you're all making good progress on your games. Please send me your entries at losttrout AT gmail DOT com around that date. Do send me raw game files or html files instead of actual executable programs to avoid problems with viruses. I will then need a few days to gather the entries together, upload them to the Matrix Mole site, and write up an announcement.


  1. I've had writer's block for the last month or so, but I've finally finished the sex part of my game.

    The whole scenario of looking through peepholes while having sex with someone else was too complicated for me. It might be too complicated for the readers too. Getting a good sequence of voyeur actions took a long time. Then I made it harder by wanting multiple descriptions for each sex action. Then I decided that Mrs. Harrow should behave differently depending on how much foreplay you did and how aroused she was. Doing that requires adjusting lots of arousal parameters. By the end, I just wasn't feeling it any more and couldn't make any progress. But I've finally written enough bare bone descriptions that the sex scene is complete.

    With only two days left, I'm still trying to decide where to focus my time. I can fill in the ending. I've always been partial to the idea of Victorian men and women sneaking between each others' bedchambers at night to have sex. I can also fill in the introduction. That will help flesh out Mrs. Harrow's character some more. During the writing, I ended up finding Udele's character to be more interesting and put in more backstory there, and Mrs. Harrow seems blank and uninteresting in comparison. A more extensive introduction might also help the whole game hold together better and make more sense.

    I'll see what I can do over the next couple of days but I might just end up with more writer's block.

  2. I currently have two entries for the Minifest:

    First Date by Seattleman
    and Mrs. Harrow and the Rake by myself

    I am waiting on possibly one more entry, but I will be uploading what I have soon.