Saturday, 24 June 2017

Let Me Out v0.3.1

I’m ready to put out a public alpha release of my latest game!

Let Me Out is the sequel to my earlier game Let Me In (although you don't need to have played that one) and features a more developed form of that gameplay, in which you type the actual words of a conversation between a princess in a dungeon and the orc guarding her.


  1. Congratulations on your release buddy! Looking forward to playing it!

    1. Couldn't download this for some reason, but just wanted to warn you if you are linking to your Patreon-site inside the game and plan to link it on Shark's Lagoon. I was recently permanently banned from his forum, so be careful.

    2. And plan to post the game on Shark's Lagoon*

    3. I have no plans to post it to Shark's Lagoon. After the insulting and hostile reception I got there last time I'm never posting there again. I don't really need it anyway; last time I mostly just just went to the effort to post there to help support the AIF community, but I think I can talk to the AIF world just fine without going through that particular channel. I'm not jumping through hoops to let Shark profit from my work.

    4. I wasn't aware you were also treated so hostile for publishing free games... I started posting there to receive feedback on my games. He thinks I post there to make money, which is simply not true and frankly ridiculous. Nevertheless, I even apologized to him several times and offered to release our games on his site without ANY and ALL links removed. He simply ignored it and permabanned me. I'm thinking about posting the full here story so other authors are warned. It's quite said and further highlights why we need our own website and forum.

    5. He hates Patreon and sees it as sinister; it's really idiotic. Some people have a reaction to donation-based, 'pay as you like' style income where they're more hostile to it than they are to straight up commercialism.

      I don't see any reason to post the games in the unreasonable way he expects. I figure the forum will probably dry up and die in due time if it's being throttled like that, which is a pity but if we can maybe lifeboat most of the community over to somewhere better then I would be happy.