Tuesday, 13 June 2017

That's Fuck'n Teamwork

Greetings fellow AIF fans!

As some of you may know, I am an aspiring AIF author with a few titles underneath my belt. None of them are stellar (I'll leave that to the pros!), but I like to think that they are decent, and in the process I've learned a LOT about programing them. I still don't know TADS 3 inside and out, but I know a enough to recognize I would have coded things much different in the past.

I also know that hitting the appropriate level of variety and detail means writing a LOT of smut. More than one game has gotten hung up by a failure to describe yet another exiting thrust!

So - after seeing some other authors have a lot of success with teamwork, I thought I'd see if anyone else was interested.

We can talk mechanics, plot, etc - but you can count on me to mostly make the mechanics work. Whatever you need to know about TADS, I can tell you. In return, I would hope for some help writing the various descriptions - both of individuals and the associated sex acts.

I suppose, given the subject matter, I should mention that my own preferences are for women, and as such my stories would involve one or more of them. I have nothing against gay works, it's just not my cup of tea... and staring at it for hours really isn't going to work out if it isn't!

Please, let me know if you're interested. Feel free to comment here, or message me directly - brokenknightx (AT) gmail

Thanks in advance,

Broken Knight


  1. Hey BrokenKnight, I would be interested in working with you, especially since we have similar interests and such. You can contact me at blindaif@gmail.com. Best of luck dude.

  2. Side comment: AIF seems to be the red-headed stepchild of IF that nobody talks about. But I've noticed there are some games that have broken out into the relative mainstream.

    Ladykiller in a Bind (All female, genderbending, BDSM)
    Coming out on Top (All male, otherwise pretty routine X-Rated dating sim.)

    These aren't discussed at all here, and I'm guessing it's probably because *this* particular AIF crowd is all heterosexual. But these are successful high budget multimedia AIF you can purchase.

    Is it only possible for LGBTQ AIF to make it to the mainstream?

    Is it possible that "hetero" AIF contains elements that offend some people and prevent it from breaking out?

    Should this be a separate topic?

    1. It certainly seems like most AIF products swerve into the realm of things that might be frowned on - which might limit their reach in a larger market. I know that much of what I've written would be frowned on, if not outright attacked in certain larger markets... and throwing a wider net increases the chance of hitting those.

      At least, that's my guess!

    2. Why not give it a shot? We had a mini-comp game that won where you were actually playing as a dog "A dog's life?" Keep pushing those boundaries.

    3. As far as I know, Christine Love has never been a part of the AIF community. I think she has her roots in the Ren'Py community. Since Ren'Py grew out of the English hentai visual novel/dating sim community, it has always attracted more women and more diverse sexualities than AIF. I do not know anything about Obscurasoft, but all indications are that she has a similar background as well.

      "Hetero" AIF doesn't make it into the mainstream because the mainstream already has better stuff. I can get better writing about sex (with pictures and animation) in the Witcher or GTA or Japanese hentai. The mainstream doesn't have many LGBTQ games with high production values, so skilled game designers can fill that niche. A normal LGBTQ AIF without graphics probably wouldn't be good enough to make it into the mainstream though since the niche *is* big enough to expect more than text-based games. Also, Christine Love is a special case because she is such an outstanding author and game designer. Her early work was acclaimed even when people thought it was a "hetero" romance.

    4. o.O Better writing about sex in the Witcher or GTA? I knew Witcher had some softcore stuff, and as far as I got in GTA I vaguely remember a "take a paparazzi shot of a celeb who is getting buttfucked"...unless I'm confusing my games. Hentai I'll totally concede, but perhaps my idea of what people want in a sex game is totally wrong.

      I know there's a bias toward imagery and I only work in text. Perhaps that's it.

      (And much apology for hijacking this thread.)

    5. To qualify - I haven't played Witcher, but I know from reports the writing is very good and it probably runs closest to incorporating sex scenes naturally into a mainstream game as most things go. I wouldn't consider it "AIF" though. (Boobs and a guy who keeps his shorts on qualifies as "US cinematic R-rating" in my book! :)

      All the Mass Effect and similar stuff is mostly just a dialogue minigame with a brief payoff. Which actually is probably more like crudely structured AIF/dating sims than Witcher is, where it seems to be incorporated into the main plot which has the main character as a lothario.

    6. Both Ladykiller in a Bind and Coming out on Top are available on Steam, so though I haven't played them, I suspect that they are less hardcore than you think.

      I believe GTA4 contained an extensive dating sim in it and Witcher3 is infamous for its sex on a unicorn scene (just google it). I used them as examples because they show what you can find in just the most popular triple-A games. If you go slightly more niche, I'm sure you'll find more. Perhaps not as hardcore as AIF, but once you go hardcore, you're no longer allowed in normal software stores, regardless of sexuality.

    7. "I suspect that they are less hardcore than you think."
      Umm. I mean...



  3. And of course - I didn't mean to overlook BBBen's games which are similar high-production AIF. But that seems to be a bit of an exception