Monday, 10 March 2014

AIF Toolkit v0.6.1 (UPDATE 03/22/2014)

(I know this is only relevant for a narrow portion of the AIF audience, so from now on I'll only post major updates as separate blog posts. Minor updates will be added as edits to the original post. You can follow my blog (see sidebar) for more consistent updates.)

The AIF Toolkit is an AIF authoring system for Inform 7. Click below for more details.

EDIT: March 22nd, 2014
Version 0.6.1 is out. Download it here.

The changes are mostly minor, but there is one worth noting. Orgasms and Arousal can now optionally make use of the Fixed Point Numbers extension so that arousal states are based on a percentage rather than a fixed range. This should make it so orgasm thresholds are much more useful and powerful now.

There are other minor changes. A bug was fixed in Adult CYOA, a rare bug was fixed in Simpler AIF, there is a new "sex partner" variable. Check it out.


Version 0.6.0 is ready. The biggest change is mostly the inclusion of two new extensions to the toolkit, although there were some very minor updates to Simpler AIF. Everything should be backwards compatible.

The two new extensions are:

Orgasms and Arousal

Adds an arousal system to Simpler AIF, built to be very customizable. Allows for some common AIF features such as erection mechanics, simultaneous orgasms and "arousal states", which were an attempt to adapt TAD's actor states to AIF but turned out a little different but very useful in its own way.

Improved Sex Action Tracking

A very small extension, only marginally larger than a plug-in, that optimizes Simpler AIF's relational tracking system, hopefully improving some memory problems. They require hands and faces to be default body parts (and are added in the extension itself) so if you currently are using those you might want to delete the code you pasted from Simpler AIF's documentation to put them in.

Download here.


  1. Ooo! An update from the future! [4/22/14 =D].

    Anyhow, though I've never used this toolkit myself, I appreciate your continued effort!

  2. the simpler aif script throws multiple errors when i click go.