Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Big AIF Survey on Interactivity

I have made what I am dubbing the Big AIF Survey on Interactivity. It asks questions like: what are your favorite features in an interactive sex scene? What are your least favorite? What level of interactivity to you typically expect?

The survey is not very long. It should take less than 5 minutes. Go ahead and access it here.

By answering it, you help me (and possibly other AIF authors) know where they should invest their time and effort. It's definitely worth your time, too.


  1. Thanks for putting that together, I'm sure it'll be really useful.

    There are a couple of linked questions - e.g. "what's your favourite thing" and "how important is that to you?". So far two people have picked "I can't enjoy a scene without this." Is it possible to see what those people said for the previous questions?

    1. Yeah, I have access to that data, so I can release those numbers when they're done.

  2. The question "What is your preference for the state of undress during a sex scene?"
    2.Mostly naked
    3.Some attire

    That question I feel should have another option along side it as, for me, it all depands on where the interactive scene is occuring to help keep it more real e.g. If it's in an office or somewhere public as you would try to be discrete and only really remove certain layers.
    But otherwise quite a good survey, I am surprised I haven't come across one before now.

    1. I think this also has a different answer if it's pure written aif or if you can see pictures. Also, you often want to be able to do stuff first with clothes on, and then continue without them.