Sunday, 10 July 2016

Writing Salon Weeks 11+: Fleshing Things Out

This post is for the July 10-31 writing event of the 2016 AIF Writing Salon.

Now that you have a playable game, it's time to flesh things out. Add more commands to your game. Add extra rooms. Add puzzles and plot. Add a conclusion. There's three weeks until the minifest, so use your time wisely to enhance your game.

Post the text that you've written for feedback. Ask for programming advice. Put up playable versions of your game that others can try and make suggestions for. Send me your completed works at the start of August at the email address losttrout AT gmail, so I can gather them together and make them available for the minifest. Even if you haven't been involved with the Writing Salon, I will still accept your game for the minifest. Raw game files or .html files are preferred over executable files because they are smaller and are less likely to have viruses. Sometimes gmail automatically discards emails with certain attachments, so if you don't hear from me after a few days saying that I've received your game, please e-mail me asking what's up.

If you have something you want to share, just post it as a comment to the blog post. Be careful to use a separate account for posting and not an account you use IRL. Anonymous comments are welcome, but it would be useful to tag your comments somehow so we know which comments are from whom. AIF Central sometimes has difficulties dealing with longer comments. You can break up your posts into multiple comments, or sign-up to become a blogger on AIF Central and make a new blog post with your content.


  1. I'm really getting bogged down in Twine 2 because I need to adjust my code in more than one passage but Twine 2 only lets me view the code for one passage at a time. It's just too cumbersome to constantly switch back and forth between passages. Twine 2 is totally inappropriate for any game that involves any sort of non-trivial coding. Twine 1 really is much better. Twine 2 should be renamed "Twine tablet-edition."

  2. Yes, it is a problem with Twine 2. I often copied the text of one passage to notepad for viewing while I worked on another.

  3. Ooof, I had been making good progress but due to IRL concerns my progress fell off bigtime. Almost done though! I'll try to get something up ASAP

    1. It's good to hear that you're still making progress. Don't stress out if you fall behind. The point of the Writing Salon is to provide a place where you can come for extra motivation and feedback, not to make your life more difficult.

  4. I can't wait to play the final results from whomever actually manages to get all the way done! It's been quite a project so far. Sorry I had to drop out myself. It's a bit weird to have to drop out of an AIF project (for the moment, at least) because I legitimately have to work on another AIF project, but... oh, well.