Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Author Resources

This post is intended to be a list of online resources that might be of use to authors of AIF. Please leave a comment or email if there is something you think should be added, or if you have any other feedback.

Inform 7 -
TADS 2 -
TADS 3 -

Mark Engelberg's TADS 2 Tutorial -
Jim Aikin's Inform 7 Handbook -

The Craft of Adventure by Graham Nelson - (one of the first in-depth looks at creating interactive fiction, and still mandatory reading in my opinion)
Brass Lantern - (this site has a number of interesting articles about game design)
How to Write a Great Game by Dan Shiovitz - (one of several IF essays on his site, all of which are worth a read in my opinion)
Creating Interactive Fiction With Inform 7 by Aaron Reed - (unlike the other resources on this page, this an actual book (US$39.99))

AIF Specific
AIF 101 by Johnny Freebase -
Writing Adult Interactive Fiction by Rap -
NewKid's 10 Commandments of AIF -


  1. Creating Interactive Fiction With Inform 7 by Aaron Reed.

    It's fantastic. He actually guides you through the process of completing a fairly substantial game.

  2. The ADRIFT wiki serves as the manual for the system. It still isn't complete, but here it is:

  3. The Programming Erin series of articles from the newsletter is a great resource as well. Not sure if the pieces can be extracted and made into their own article on here, or just link to the newsletter site added in this article pinpointing which issues to read would be the better way to get make that information available.