Thursday, 13 February 2014

Overlooked AIF Games 2

by BBBen

I've got another three overlooked AIF games for you. I guess in some ways this is a bit like an AIF book club, but generally these games aren't going to be anything like novel-length, and I'll always be trying to bring to your attention some things you may not have ever played (or even heard of). The first two in particular lean toward the 'sexually fantastic', while the third is actually the only notable example of AIF 'modding' by someone other than the original author. It's interesting that I actually made these selections and wrote up the article before the recent discussion of modding over on the AIF Archive, but I guess that just makes it timely to post this!

The Silver Maiden by klyedk

This game was (I believe) posted back when I was a lurker and before I became active in the community. Somehow I completely missed it as nobody ever really talked about it. In my defence it was easy to miss games back then as there were so many being released. Anyway, it's a short game in which you play a wizard trying to defeat the goddess of love. To my surprise it's actually quite good; I'm not sure why it never got any attention, apart from the fact that it's not very ambitious. Play it if you like the idea of an idealised, 'goddess' babe.

The Dinner Party by Blue Meanie

This game wasn't completely overlooked, it's more that it's just drifting out of people's memory. This is a prime example of what might have been the most popular 'romp' style game of the period around 2001-4. Basically there's a house full of hot women (visitors and family) and the PC solves various puzzles to unlock their sex scenes. The game is a little buggy (not unplayable, though) and the sex scenes are a little linear, but if you like the style you'll find it's quite a hot game.

Camp Windy Lake MODDED by Christopher J. Cole (original) and the_high_king (mod)
NOTE: You may need to log into and navigate to the files section to find the file. At time of writing there are some problems with If anyone is aware of another download link I'll post it.

The twins from Camp Windy Lake, art by the_high_king.

Probably most long term AIF fans are aware of Camp Windy Lake - one of Chris Cole's most popular titles - but quite possibly a lot of people might not be aware that a "modded" version was released in 2009 with some nice artwork included by the_high_king. He had an idea of setting off a trend of modding AIF games, which didn't seem like such a bad idea to me, but the idea was generally met with reactions ranging from indifference to antipathy in the community. There was a feeling that this would be violating author's copyright, although my sentiment as an author was that it would probably be quite flattering and good for the game's profile (not to mention that modders routinely work on commercial games without any permission).

Anyway, I think Camp Windy Lake is good, although it's not a particular favourite of mine from Chris Cole's work. The pictures aren't all that numerous or explicit, but I do feel they add something to the experience. Your mileage may vary - let me know in the comments if you prefer this version or the original.

So what do you think of the selections? Have I revealed anything you hadn't been aware of before? Do you have any other suggestions for overlooked games?


  1. In regards to the modded Camp Windy Lake:

    Here is an example of a game where the pictures didn't help IMO. Very few, if any that I recall, of the included drawings jived with the image I had of Cole's characters in my mind's eye. Also, whatever the opposite of sexy is, that's what I thought of the decision to present the girls as scribbled caricatures.

    I'm definitely going to give The Silver Maiden a whirl.

  2. I'm really really stuck at The Silver Maiden. I have seduced Prima, and then cut her bodysuit and fucked her ass. But then I'm taken to the Silver Maiden, and have to solve the riddle (what is the symbol of sorrow?). No idea. It says that I can also give the medallion, but she is not interested in it.

    Choosing the other path, just restarting the game and going to the right, gets me to the room of sorrow with the ice woman inside the arch, but there is nothing I can do or cast.

    Does anyone have any idea? This game shut me down, fast. :)

    1. There is a walkthrough at the end of the readme.

  3. IMO Maiden is a very frustrating game. For a three-room effort, there's surprisingly little implementation of nouns. Synonyms are non-existant. I suspect the author's first language is something other than English because the paragraphing, sentence structure, grammar, and spelling leave a lot to be desired. Furthermore, no instruction is given as to how to use the spell book and the entire mechanic appears to be broken unless you're in the one circumstance where it's required.

  4. Man... 'Camp Windy Lake'... so long ago! Seeing it now, I've definitely gotten better since then.

  5. I personally liked the theme and interactions of windy lake quite much even if it wasnt that complex like a goblin boy game..but to be honest it's hard to reach that point.
    Nonetheless i enjoyed the drawn pics added to the game later . So if you ever think of a new *super* game rework (like pac or paf) how about windy lake ? at least if you get the permission of cole

  6. The newest thing I did for ccole I think are the pictures for the 'Camp Windy Lake 1984' story he's writing. You can find those in his 'non-interactive' story section.

  7. can you link me there :D ? i'm not sure where to look for his site . Even if I'm not really in non interactive story's it would be worth to take a peek.

    1. Here you go.

    2. thx dude..hmm in topic of *sexiness* i would prefere your old pics even if roberta looks like my ex :D actually its so close to her that even the clothes match(at least in summer ) ;D ..but anyway good work are quite good :)..

  8. Replies
    1. I will do a couple more of these articles at least. I've got to space them out a little to make sure people have time to play them, of course! And if I blow my wad too early then I may have a bit of a mess on my hands.