Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Beta Testing Pool

As part of our commitment to encouraging more and better AIF games, we have set up a list of people who are willing to volunteer to beta test games.

This list of beta testers is here. If you are willing to volunteer, edit the document and add the following information:

Name (ie. your name)
Email (ie. your email address)
Information (ie. any important information, such as the content you are willing to test, any particular expertise you have, and so on)

For example:

deus dot exlibris at yahoo dot co dot nz
15+ years experience playing AIF. Willing to test anything except extreme NC. Basic knowledge of TADS. Professional experience with proof reading and editing.

Note that by adding yourself to this list you are agreeing to the following terms (adapted from the AIF Newsletter beta test list).

1. You will not redistribute the game you are beta testing, or discuss it with anyone except the author or other testers.

2. If for any reason you are unable to complete your testing, you will inform the author as soon as possible.

3. You will do your best to provide the author with a thorough report of any bugs or other issues you discover. You will also do your best to follow any specific instructions from the author regarding timeframe, report format, transcripts, etc.

Any authors who make use of this list must agree to the following terms:

1. You will contact people first to check if they are available to test.

2. You will be respectful of your testers and not make unreasonable demands on them.

3. You will credit your beta testers in the released game. 


  1. I'll bite. I'm always willing to help out testing.

  2. Relfar ( February 2014 at 22:15

    I've helped fleet out with some his Vera Blanc. I'm really just more of a proof reader than anything usually, but am up to expanding my horizons.

  3. I was once a professional editor, so I'd be happy to help out.

  4. Thanks for the interest, but could you please include contact details (ie. an email address)? Thanks.

  5. Send a mail, I'm not comfortable with displaying my mailaddress here.

  6. I'll test anything Adrift 5 related.

  7. Any suggestions for how this list could be presented? The way I'd originally planned (ie. something akin to the AIF Newsletter list) doesn't seem to be working out.

    1. a Google doc spreadsheet that Is openly editable would work

  8. Maybe you can start a new thread in which only you can write (so that the post is always clean), when you have all the informations on the person you can add him, with a structured form, for example:
    What he betatest (or not wanto to betatest):
    How contact:
    And you put a link in the homepage so one can find easily that post.

  9. I'm happy to test out anything!
    Betabry at hotmail

  10. I've revamped this page somewhat. The actual list of beta testers has been moved to a Google spreadsheet (as several people suggested). This is editable by anyone so anyone who is willing to beta test can add their details.

    Apologies to anyone who has already volunteered, but you will have to re-enter your details.